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Do we all have Guardian Angels? Have you seen your Guardian Angel or felt their presence? Interested in hearing stories, God Bless.


I believe we all have guardian angels. I haven’t ever seen my guardian angel but i many times feel her presence. “Did you say her?” Yes because i share a lot of things with her that she just has to be a her so we can flow:D. I think many of them maybe feeling neglected. If for nothing else at least courtesy and good manners demand that we talk with our guardian angels


Twelve facts on angels:


I think it was Mother Angelica who, quite some time ago, said that we should give our guardian angel a name. I call mine, Gus.


We all have Guardian angels who help us and guide us in this life.

It was through the intercession of my guardian angel that I survived a collision with another car. I was looking to pass a 4-way intercession and had looked every which way to make sure no cars were coming from either of the directions. All of a sudden as I was in the center of the intercession a car out of nowhere was right in front of me and I could see clear as day the face of the other driver.

There was no way that I could have stopped the car at that moment since the other driver’s car was already half past the front of me. Everything seemed to slow down and the most notable thing I felt was a warm strong breeze circulating all around inside of my car. While I was feeling this breeze I didn’t feel any sense of fear within myself. The other car’s driver gave me a such a strange look that I will never forget it and kept on driving. I somehow managed to park my car on the side of a street in order to take in what had just happened.

I must have stayed parked for a good half or hour or so going over what had happened. I kept asking myself over over “That car came out of nowhere in front of me…how was I able to stop my car if I was frozen in the moment?”…“The car windows were all rolled up, how was it that the warm strong breeze was present inside the car?”

I asked myself these and other questions until I realized that my guardian angel had spared my life that day and that the warm breeze was a sign of the presence of my angel. :slight_smile:


Did she? … what if his name is not Gus?

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