Guardian Angel.

I had a very strange experience back in about 1985. I had recently lost my father and mother. I was wild back then partying till 2:00 A.M. and sleeping until 12:00. I woke up one morning to see a girl (although she could have passed for a boy), she identified herself as my guardian angel. She talked to me for a while then left. She told me if I told a soul about this she would never return. Of course I did and I have not seen her since. Is there a prayer to get your guardian angel to appear? What do you make of this?:confused:

I believe that God can reveal to you more about angelic ministry through His Word. I believe that there no prayer for getting angels appear. Instead apostle John said in his book of Revelation "At this I fell at his feet to worship him. But he said to me, “Do not do it! I am a fellow servant with you and with your brothers who hold to the testimony of Jesus. Worship God!”(19:10). To me it is clear that even we have one or more angels with us to protect us,we can not worship them because they are “ministering spirits”(Heb.1:14) from God.
It is scriptural to pray that God give me more revelation about His angels but you can’t determine time when it happen.
And also recall that there is two kind of angels: angels of God and angels of Devil. You will recognize them through discernment of spirit and also through His word. If angel what you meet cause to you confusion or fear or lust or speake to you something what is against to Word of God then this angel is not from God.
I pray that God Himself will lead you to truth and that He will help you to recognize who is right angel.

I am sorry about your lost. Keep your parents in your daily prayers.

As for guardian angel, what she said “if I told a soul about this she would never return”, this doesn’t sound right to me.

Your guardian angel has been always with you whether the angel appears or not. Have faith in that and don’t ask to have the angel appear to you.

Have you passed by any homeless man or anyone who asked you for help recently? That could be your guardian angel. :slight_smile:

Can you share more about what else she told you before saying she’d never return?

I really don’t remember but I can tell you I had no fear. It didn’t seem evil at all. I do remember her saying she was my guardian angel. I have tried to call for her over the years but nothing.

Okay. The reason I was asking is because I suspect this wasn’t your guardian angel, but a demon trying to trick you. Demons can appear as beings of light.

Threatening never to appear again if you told someone doesn’t sound very angelic to me.

I would stop trying to summon your guardian angel to appear, as this could lead to more deceptions. Just trust that your guardian angel is always with you protecting you, and may be the reason why that little devil never did show up again.

Some reading for you that may be helpful:

Demonic Deceptions
by Joe Meineke

While this article focuses on demons masquerading as human spirits, what is said here still applies to demons posing as angels.

It could be that you were being asked to exercise self-discipline, and if taken at face value, it’s a personal loss. That’s past, and it’s now that matters, your relationship with God and our heavenly family, now and in the future of your precious life. It has been a painful distraction to you perhaps at times to be calling for the reappearance of whoever the being was. Whether or not you see your angel isn’t what’s important. Although some seem to deny their existence, Angels are about bringing us closer to God, So the main thing is to work at, and allow God, to bring you deeper into His love. A particular Angel visited me once, 26 years ago, said nothing, just astonished me with his embracing love. "He’ felt like family I never expected, that I didn’t know cared for me in this personal way. I talked, prayed all my intentions to ‘him’, bubbling them out quickly in my mind (as ‘he’ came as a spiritual person to me as a spiritual person therefore to my spirit though ‘he’ was without corporal appearance, to my spirit ‘he’ appeared as three dimensional in a sense as if any physical person were standing before me. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t know,” I said to ‘him’ meaning that I didn’t know, ever guess, that he (it was St Michael) could possibly care so very personally for an ordinary suburban housewife like me, and as if I am loved family, one of God’s household. (I’d sensed someone ‘arrive’ in my lounge room and I’d turned around and instantly knew ‘him’. I wasn’t afraid, just cried our in my mind simply. “Hello, St Michael!” I think I spoke in my mind, not aloud. I spoke to ‘him’ quickly, about my prayer intentions for my family, for priests, for everyone in the world, for the souls in purgatory, (I added, ‘for all Michaels’, so I have a secret smile every time I encounter anyone called Michael). But ‘he’ didn’t leave when I’d finished that, but remained silent. only radiating that love, so I searched my mind, then said, "St Michael, I don’t know why you came, but whatever you came for, may it be completely fulfilled. Then he left. And so I still say, “St Michael, whatever it is you came for, may it be completely fulfilled” but that’s all I know about that. Except that if God allowed ‘him’ to come to me, it is for all ordinary people. For myself, with the questioning mind I’ve always had, and the intense pain I feel at others’ suffering and needs, and the ways of God that are difficult to understand, I sometimes doubt Him, His love, but I always recall then that visit. It wasn’t a vision but a visit, and my questioning mind has never been able to pick holes in that, because I know ‘he’ was in my house as surely as my sons were. I’d love it if ‘he’ came again, but he hasn’t, in that way. I wonder if I disappointed him, but them I think, we have our ups and downs, and I certainly was far from perfect when ‘he’ came, but for heaven time doesn’t mean what it does to us. But I think that’s a message for us all also,that we’re always loved family of God, and even the prince of the angels cares personally for us, so how much God loves us!

Don’t worry about whether it was truly your guardian angel. If or not, if God used the experience to waken your desire for God and offering Him your heart and life, it was a truly worthwhile experience. I think that God’s blessing would be in your focussing your desire there. A visit from heaven is pure gift. But in the goodness and kindness we offer others, this is God’s presence and the presence of our heavenly family, and so preciously, so is the Eucharist. Bless you, dear soul. May God take you deeply into His loving family, into His love. :slight_smile: Trishie

I agreed with your advice.

I too agree with beckycmarie. The Devil is very, very sneaky.

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