Guardian Angel?


Here is the story:

A young man named Mike was by himself walking on the top of a cliff. He lost his footing and slipped. He fell over the edge of this cliff, but managed to grab the edge just in time. However, he is unable to pull himself back up, and if he lets go he will fall to his death.

After a while, his arms become too tired. He just can’t hold on anymore.

But just as his hands let go, he feels a hand grab him. The stranger pulls him up. Mike noticed that this guy is wearing all white. He silently jokes to himself that this must be his guardian angel. Michael thanks the stranger and begins to rub his eyes. He hears the words,
“Your welcome, Michael.”

Shocked that this man knew his name, he stops rubbing his eyes. When he opens them, this man is nowhere to be found.


If you are asking whether Michael had encountered his guardian angel, I’d say possibly. Regardless, I am sure that Michael sees this being as God-sent.


Seriously, I’ve heard voices talking to me too! :o;)


Does anyone know the name of their guardian angel? I believe that mine is Monica. My friend’s is Clarise.


I think it might be Lea (or she could possibly a saint or then again, it could have been an intense dream in response to a prayer & question that was purely a coincidence). :shrug:


The names of real angels all end in -el.

As far as the original story, all I can say is that these things happen.


The names of real angels all end in -el.

How do you know that?

I’m not asking this an agressive manner. I’d just like to know.


I’m not sure we are supposed to know. However, in the first grade (50 years ago), Sister Martin Maria told our class her Guardian Angel’s name was Martin. Evidently, that was for obvious reasons, as she had chosen ‘Martin’ as part of her religious name. But I still remember that she told us it was so.

Maybe a scholarly soul could shed some light on this topic.

Never-the-less, I must testify to the presence of angels. Several years ago, I experienced a mechanical breakdown when driving over a bridge that was part of a busy highway. A man appeared instantly, stopped his car, and offered me a cell phone to call for assistance. It was surreal in several ways…The nature of the breakdown, his manner, and also the comment he made after I used the phone. It was the way he declared that he had done all that he could do here - as though he needed to quickly move along to help the next person on his list, as though he was completing assignments. I swear, that was an angel. The confluence of factors surrounding the incident were other worldly. As I awaited the arrival of the tow truck, I noticed that my location was directly across the road from an abbey chapel upon the top of a hill. There I discovered many spritual blessings. Those things happened for providencial reasons. And there are angels around us.


“El” is one of the names for God in Hebrew.


…mine is called Andrew, that’s why I keep thinking of Sanit Andrew the Apostle. I kind of believe that he has been with me through out my sudden conversion to catholicism…


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