Guardian Angels - do they remain with us?


When I was a young girl, about 10 probably, my friends and I were in a small group heading out on an expedition to explore the neighborhood. We were on horses and push-bikes.

We had just begun our morning’s adventure, and were riding down a fairly steep hill. I was riding my bike just behind my friend who was on her horse, Caddy. We all were distracted because another horse, one in a paddock, was showing off to Caddy and was squealing and galloping and dancing around.

So I stopped looking ahead of me, and as I rolled down the hill on my bike, I ended up riding right up in between Caddy’s back legs.

Of course, Caddy got a big shock, and kicked back at me (double barrel) with both legs. Now Caddy was a huge horse. On my bike, my head would have been about level with his thighs.

Normally when a big strong horse double barrel kicks you at close range, you are dead or gravely injured, but I wasn’t.

Instead I was simply sitting upright cross legged on the ground right behind Caddy. My hands were just sitting in my lap and I didn’t have a scratch - and had no recollection of any time passing between feeling myself bump into Caddy, and being aware of sitting there. My bike didn’t do so well and was lying about 20 metres back up the hill in the middle of the road.

I’ve always believed it was my Guardian Angel who saved me, even though I was never actually religious (I did always believe in God and loved Him and was Baptized). And I always used to feel close to him (my GA) - not feel a ‘presence’ but just knew he was watching over me. But since I was about 20 and went off the rails a bit (a lot) I stopped feeling him around. I’m now a mature Christian because God rescued me from my sinful life when I was 30, but I still don’t feel the presence of my Guardian Angel. Why do you think that is?

Do you think I still have a Guardian Angel? Why do you think I ‘knew he was there’ and now I don’t?


Your angel is still with you. You were blessed that you were aware of this when you were young, and also that you had that experience…but now like most people you don’t have an actual sesne of this spiritual being who remains with you throughout your life.


you can’t lose you angel- he’s there no matter what


There are many stories of Padre Pio and guardian angels.


Our emotional experience with the world, though God-given, and therefore useful, is not the sole (or even best) barometer of life.

For example, I have a very hard time “feeling” anything when I go to Adoration. I don’t feel the Presence, I don’t have ecstasies, I don’t feel a rush of emotion. But I know that love isn’t an emotion, it’s an act of will.

I would apply the same to your experience of your guardian angel. In addition, a constant “need” to sense your angel (not saying that you’re expressing this) may, in fact, open you up to deception by the enemy, who knows our prideful desires better than we do.

Jesus, through Sacred Scriptures and Holy Mother Church assures us that we do have guardian angels, and that they are always with us. Rely on the word of God, and take anything else as a nice, but unnecessary, bonus.


I wonder what happens to the angel if the person they are said to guard doesn’t make it to heaven? It must a grim thing to face:(


I think I read here on CAF that those angels become part of Mary’s Choir. But no one knows for sure.


Someimes angels manifest their presence to individuals. Why? Not certain but it could be for reassurance. Maybe, in the next life, our angel will show us a “playback” of all the occasions they intervened in the many potentially dangerous situations both physical and spiritual.

We will meet ours on the “other side.”


last fall i had a scary incident happen to me. i live in a big city. it was 2 in the morning and the police helicopter was flying outside of my house. i looked out and saw their light was shining across the canal onto another house so i figured i was safe. i walked out onto my back porch. it was dark, i didn’t turn on a light because i didn’t want to draw attention to myself. as i walked towards the other end of my porch, all of a sudden something made me look down. i saw something and my mind was confused. i thought, i don’t remember leaving any clothes out here. then i realized there was a body laying there and then i realized this person was hiding from the helicopter and as i was realizing the danger i was in the man jumped up in front of me!! i swear my guardian angelS picked me up and flew me back into my house. i don’t remember my feet hitting the ground. luckily, this man had dropped his gun when he was running from the police or i probably would not be here right now typing this. i was 55 then, so my guardian angelS are definitely still with me. that was one of the scariest moments of my life and i don’t ever want to be that afraid again!! but my guardian angels came to my rescue.


Wow, deborahaz, that is a remarkable story! God is good!

My son recently told me of a time he feels he met an angel during his high school years. He was waiting at the bus stop after school and an elderly man sat next to him there. The man spoke to him about life and seemed to have made a small but positive impression on him. My son looked away momentarily and when he turned back to the man, he was gone. My son looked around and there was no one in sight, except a guy across the street. That guy told my son he saw no one sitting with him and wondered why my son sat there talking to the air while four buses passed by.

My wife, who knows she – like everyone – has an angel and prays to the angel, often remarks that she would love to see even part of her angel out of the corner of her eye, even just once. Why our Lord chooses to reveal things to some of us in certain ways and other things to others is known to Him alone and, of course, He knows best! He does what is best for us.

God bless,


i guess we just have to have faith they are there. your son was a lucky one and was able to see his. i know that mine saved me that night.
just think how we go about our daily lives and don’t give them much thought.
i have the guardian angel visor in my vehicle.

God bless!!



I don’t think the angel is held responsible for a human’s rejection of God. We have free will – it isn’t the guardian angel’s fault if a person rejects God.

Interesting. Sounds good to me! :smiley:

What a great story! :slight_smile:

I swear that when my DD was a baby she could see angels. Just a feeling I have…in fact, I think all babies can, because they are still innocent and so fresh from heaven… :love:


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