Guardian Angels of Future Children


Hi all! I had a friend ask me a question about guardian angels. The question was do the guardian angels of future children protect their mothers until they are conceived?

My response, was that the Catholic Church doesn’t define a lot of specifics on guardian angels and that there are even disagreements among theologians on when we receive our guardian angels. Neither of us could find any “reliable” (and I use that loosely) source that expresses this as a possibility and I expressed some doubt on that idea. I wanted to know your thoughts on the matter!


I dont see would be wrong with the idea… especially when the child is in vitro, and believed by the Church to be a human


I’ve read that unborn children are under the protection of their mother’s Guardian Angel. The child is given their own Angel upon being born.


Guardian angles as given to every living human upon ensoulment. They are 100% focused on the person they are protecting.


I asked basically this same question about a month ago.

The answer: we don’t know.


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