Guardian Angels?


Well, I'm pretty sure that angels exist. But are there actually guardian angels? Does everyone have their own guardian angel?


Yes their are Angels… and Yes everyone has them. Read the Catechism of the Catholic Church 336.

This is also a good book…

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It’s also in the Bible too, Our Lord when talking about scandalizing these little ones/children said:

** “Take heed that you do not despise one of these little ones, for I say to you that in heaven their angels always see the face of My Father who is in heaven.”**

Matthew 18:10


Yes, oh yes, and they would like to help us out more often , but we hardly ask for their aid.
One of my devotions is the Chaplet of Saint Michael, honoring the holy angels, the heirarchies that have been revealed to us. Pray and ask for their assistance always and you will be delightfuly surprised, they are more than eager to help! :slight_smile:

God Bless You on your journey, your guardian angel and all the holy angels are great friends to have in these challenging times.


Read the book "All About the Angels" by Fr. Paul O'Sullivan. It will forever change the way you think about your guardian angel, and all the others! :) Order it if you must, it's SOOO worth it.


*I love the question in this thread and the different recommendations …the books, etc. I, for one, am going to invest in a few of these books.
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Really? I didn’t know that. Thanks for sharing :cool:

And thanks for the recommendations also!

So how do we know who’s our guardian angel? Or does it remain a mystery?


[quote="js_192, post:7, topic:198181"]
So how do we know who's our guardian angel? Or does it remain a mystery?


Definitely a mystery! I like to think that our angel will lead us to see God right after we die :)


Our RCIA leader even told us he picked a name for his guardian angel as a little kid and would hold doors open for his angel. :)

Personally, I think naming your angel is kind of a more little-kid-at-heart thing to do (even if I've done it myself), but, hey, if it helps you recognize your guardian angel more and that he/she is trying to help you stay out of pitfalls, go for it! :thumbsup:


I’m a big believer in guardian angels! My late mother told me that, whenever we would travel (and we did a lot of that, with our girls, traveling home to visit) she would pray to our guardian angels, and ask hers to go along with us to keep us safe.

I still do the same; we are on the road and in the air frequently, with family on both coasts, and I wouldn’t dream of setting off on a trip without a heart-to-heart with my guardian angel, and special prayers to St. Michael.


Well, I haven’t named my guardian angel, but I recognize him when he saves me in particular situations, I just know it’s him, I can’t explain it really. We’ve got a humorous relationship of sorts, I think he knows that I know him, but I don’t feel the need to give him a name. That’s just me though. :rolleyes:

Be wary of some of the angel books out there in the general bookstores. There are so many books on them these days, but a lot of them are very New Agey. They are not good and do not do them ANY justice to understanding them or their offices, ONLY the Christian understanding and explanation of them should be read. Fair warning.

I recommend going to the Tan Books website, there are some great books on the angels published by Tan. :slight_smile:



I have Medals of Guardian Angels.
And St Michael.
:angel1: :blush:
And Raphael-


Lol, I feel like I've been missing out, I've never prayed to my guardian angel.
Will try tonight though :D


That is very sweet. I often times have great difficulty speaking/lecturing to a large crowd of people. It was suggested to me to offer prayers for the guardian angels of the people I would be speaking to, that they would ask our Lord to keep the minds of the people in their care open and receptive to my words. I have found it to be very comforting to me and hopefully to the people I am engaging with.


I've always believed (well, for almost 14 years now ;)) that the little girl who's organs I received is my guardian angel. Though I don't know anything about her except her age (11 when she died :() and tnat she had the same blood type, dreams that I've had hinted that her name might've been either Rachel or Hannah. For some reason, I've always thought that "Rachel" was my donor and refer to her as my "AngelRachel" :D

Before my annual check ups (or the Transplant Games :p) I have a "pep talk" with Rachel like 'okay it's test you think you can help me out on this one?'

I may have to go on Amazon tonight and give those books a looks-ie.


I don’t mean this in any way to be uncharitable or anything, but this is kind of “off” thinking. Angels are beings and persons created much like humans are. Someone who has died can never become an angel.

Thus it is a little bit… don’t know what the word is… to “pep talk” this child who kindly donated her organs to you. She is not your guardian angel, and is not an angel either, so it wouldn’t be right to treat her as such. She might however be in heaven in which pray to her for intercession, or possibly you should pray for her soul if it still is in purgatory.

I hope this didn’t come off badly - its just important to know there is a distinction, and to be brutally frank, the idea that a loved one becomes an angel when they die is a secular new age kind of belief. Human beings are human beings, angels are angels. And your assigned angel probably feels a bit left out so start pep talking with him instead :slight_smile:


[quote="NewsTheMan, post:16, topic:198181"]
And your assigned angel probably feels a bit left out so start pep talking with him instead :-)


My angel could just as easily be a her instead of a him. ;)


Sorry, I mispoke! I just didn’t want to say “it”. So I chose “him” - the feminists are turning in their graves! Angels are “sexless” spirits :smiley:


That is a good recommendation, but I would add the following:

  1. Peter J. Kreeft, Angels (and Demons): What do We Really Know About Them?, San Francisco: Ignatius Press, 1995.
  2. Mike Aquilina, Angels of God: The Bible, The Church and the Heavenly Hosts, Servant Books: Cincinnati, OH, 2009.
  3. Fr. Pascal P. Parente, The Angels: the Catholic Teaching on the Angels, Tan Books, Rockford, IL, 1973.

Together with the O’Sullivan book, those are 4 small books that will give you a fantastic overview of Catholic teaching on angels. I am writing some fiction and trying to incorporate Catholic teaching and you can’t do better than these.


To be brutally frank…
it is an extremely well documented medical phenomenon that human organs are not merely interchangeable plumbing fixtures, but are indeed very heavily embued with the physical, biochemical, and electromagnetic energy of their human beings, and that particularly in the case of the heart, some of the preferences/habits/consciousness/body memory of the donor can indeed be transferred along with the organ to its recipient.

It is also an extremely well documented medical phenomenon that if the body/mind/spirit of the transplant recipient rejects that physical, biochemical, and electromagnetic energy that comes with that transplant organ, the recipient’s life will be endangered. They have to “get along” with one another or there is life-endangering physical, biochemical, and electromagnetic rejection.

It is medically irresponsible, ignorant, and arrogant to judge this individual perjoratively as some sort of victim of “new age” “secular” and “*off *thinking”, project your own personal and ignorant thoughts and feelings onto this situation (“your assigned angel probably feels a bit left out”) and command this individual to start pep talking with the assigned angel instead.

The assigned angels know perfectly well what is going on when a human soul stands with the angels to help another human soul complete its lessons on earth and connect its consciousness to God… do YOU? Apparently not.

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