Guardian Angels

What is clear, in English at least, is that the phrase you highlighted in the CCC does not convey the meaning that guardian angels cease to be guardian angels at the death of their human charges. The phrase might reasonably be read to say a particular function of the guardian angel ends at death; it certainly does not definitively say a guardian ceases to have a relationship to the human person after death.

Consider Mt. 1:25: He had no relations with her until she bore a son, and he named him Jesus. Does this not clearly say that Joseph had relations with Mary after Jesus was born? Of course it doesn’t, no more than the CCC says guardian angels cease to be guardian angels when their charges die.


That’s not what is being discussed. Its pretty obvious that all the saved have a relationship with each other. If you and I are saved we will have a relationship with each other.
What the CCC teaches is that a guardian angel assigned to a specific human life is only so specifically assigned up until that person’s earthly death. After death there is no specific assignment of a guardian angel to that person. The word “guardian” should give you a clue. We only need a “guardian” during our earthly life. We do not need a guardian after that.

This was in response to the statement below:

I guess heaven is still a place where guardian angels go even a person went to hell. But are there bad angels assigned to some persons? When I say “bad angels”, I mean something like Satan who rebelled against God.

Can anyone provide precise answer supported by an evidence?

Can anyone provide precise answer supported by an evidence?

There are no guardian angels in Hell. Every angel assigned to a human life at the moment of conception until earthly death is assigned by God to protect and guide that human life.
God does NOT assign bad angels.

Ok. Next questions.

Shall we pray to our guardian angels?

Who taught the prayer below? Catholic Church?

Angel of God,
my guardian dear,
To whom God’s love
commits me here,
Ever this day,
be at my side,
To light and guard,
Rule and guide.

i believed that each one of us has our own guardian angel. especially those parents whom their child dies at a very early age. i believed that their child becomes their own guardian angel :slight_smile:

We can pray to anyone in Heaven - God, the Saints and the Angels!

The prayer is a traditional Catholic prayer.

BESIDES the consolations which the souls receive from the Blessed Virgin, they are also assisted and consoled by the holy angels, and especially by their guardian-angels. The doctors of the Church teach that the tutelary mission of the guardian-angel terminates only on the entrance of their clients into Paradise. **If, at the moment of death, a soul in the state of grace is not yet worthy to see the face of the Most High, the angel-guardian conducts it to the place of expiation, and remains there with her to procure for her all the assistance and consolations in his power. **

It is an opinion common among the holy doctors, says Father Rossignoli, that God, who will one day send forth His angels to assemble the elect, also sends them from time to time into Purgatory, there to visit and console the suffering souls. No doubt there cannot be any relief more precious than the sight of the inhabitants of Heaven, that blessed abode whither they will one day go to enjoy its glorious and eternal felicity. The Revelations of St. Bridget are filled with examples of this nature, and the Lives of several saints also furnish a great number. Venerable Sister Paula of St. Teresa, of whom we have spoken above, had an extraordinary devotion towards the Church suffering, for which she was rewarded here below with miraculous visions. One day, whilst saying a fervent prayer for this intention, she was transported in spirit into Purgatory, where she saw a great number of souls plunged in flames. Close to them she saw our Saviour, attended by His angels, who pointed out, one after the other, several souls which He desired to take to Heaven, whither they ascended in transports of unutterable joy. At this sight the servant of God, addressing herself to her Divine Spouse, said to Him, “O Jesus, why this choice* among such a vast multitude?” “I have released,” He deigned to reply, “those who during life performed great acts of charity and mercy, and who have merited that I should fulfil my promise in their regard, Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.”

. . . The following is an account of that of St. Magdalen de Pazzi, a Florentine Carmelite, as it is related in her Life by Father Cepare. . .

Some time before her death, which took place in 1607, the servant of God, Magdalen de Pazzi, being one evening with several other Religious in the garden of the convent, was ravished in ecstasy, and saw Purgatory open before her. At the same time, as she made known later, a voice invited her to visit all the prisons of Divine Justice, and to see how truly worthy of compassion are the souls detained there. . .

Each time she interrupted her walk, she contemplated attentively the sufferings which were shown to her. She was then seen to wring her hands in compassion, her face became pale, her body bent under the weight of suffering, in presence of the terrible spectacle with which she was confronted.

. . . [Then] were the dungeons of simple souls, and of children in whom ignorance and lack of reason extenuated many faults. Their torments appeared to her much more endurable than those of the others. Nothing but ice and fire were there. She noticed that these souls had their angel-guardians with them, who fortified them greatly by their presence; but she saw also demons whose dreadful forms increased their sufferings.

. . . Let us narrate a third vision relating to the interior of Purgatory, that of St. Lidwina of Schiedam. . .

. . . she saw an angel seated sadly on the curb of a well. “Who is that angel?” she asked of her guide. " It is," he replied, " the angel-guardian of the sinner in whose lot you are interested. His soul is in this well, where it has a special Purgatory." At these words, Lidwina cast an inquiring glance at her angel; she desired to see that soul which was dear to her, and endeavour to release it from that frightful pit. Her angel, who understood her, having taken off the cover of the well, a cloud of flames, together with the most plaintive cries, came forth.

“Do you recognise that voice?” said the angel to her. “Alas! yes,” answered the servant of God. “Do you desire to see that soul?” he continued. On her replying in the affirmative, he called him by his name; and immediately our virgin saw appear at the mouth of the pit a spirit all on fire, resembling incandescent metal, which said to her in a voice scarcely audible, "O Lidwina, servant of God, who will give me to contemplate the face of the Most High? "

. . . It is, then, not astonishing that harshness towards our neighbour, and every other fault against Charity, should be severely punished in the other life.

Of this we have several proofs, taken from the Life of Blessed Margaret Mary.

. . . On another occasion our Lord showed Blessed Margaret a large number of souls in Purgatory, who, for not having been united with their Superiors during their life, and for having had some misunderstanding with them, had been severely punished and deprived after death of the aid of the Blessed Virgin and the Saints, and also of the visits of their angel-guardians. Several of those souls were destined to remain for a long time in horrible flames. Some even among them had no other token of their predestination than that they did not hate God. Others, who had been in religion, and who during life showed little charity towards their sisters, were deprived of their suffrages, and received no assistance whatsoever.

Now you’re knocking private revelations to try to prove your over restrictive reading. No they do not ‘often contain inaccuracies and contradictions’. More like ‘rarely’ and of these rarities the majority of are simply misunderstandings of the reader of the weight and meaning of the revelations. . . A common problem.

That’s your opinion but don’t judge me when you don’t know me!!
You comments about misunderstandings are also wrong, at least in my case!
If I have time over the weekend I will dig out examples of contradictions and PM them to you as that’s not what the thread is about.

The bottom line is that we should stick to actual Church teachings!


Thistle why would the church require that we do not believe in private revelations?. It sounds contracdicting. Every Saint. that has been approved by the Pope has had private revelations. I have not yet read about a Saint to this day where the private revelation was inaccurate.

Do you have an example of where a private revelation was inaccurate? Please share with the entire forum, no private messages please.


Not being required to believe in personal revelations is not the same as begin required to not believe in personal revelations.

In most cases, if a personal revelation has been found to be in conformity with Church Doctrine we are allowed to believe in the revelation but we are not required to so.

Revelations have to pass the test of Church Doctrine before the Church allows us to accept them.

A person can’t just stand up and say, "I have this revelation’, and we have the permission to believe him or her. There is quite a process in validating any claim.

Thanks for the explanation.

On a different subject…

There are many that say the Miracle of the Sun (Fatima, Portugal 1917) that was performed in front of 70,000 people to be a private revleation. I believe this was a public revelation for all to believe that God sent his only son and Mother to warn the world of the many errors that are occurring today and continue to occur unless the correct Consecretation of Russia is performed and the entire third secret is revealed to world as God has asked.

Well, certainly a soul who is in Heaven or Hell has no need of the care or intercession of a Guardian Angel. If they are in Heaven, no harm can be done, and no further benefit obtained, that requires such care or intercession. In Hell, no GOOD can be done, and no further benefit obtained, by it.

So it would seem that no purpose is served by such a relationship continuing after death. :shrug:

Heaven is spent being taught about God, and teaching others about God… For example the greater hierarchies of angels teach the lower… The Seraphim teach the Cherubim… the Cherubim the Thrones… and so on, down the hierarchy…

Insights are granted… love is shown…

And it is similar in regards to the saints… knowledge and love of God is shared, with those who know more, the instructors of those who know less.

In purgatory a guardian angel is still necessary, as that angel is in the hour of death, to defend and succor the soul. Just as in life, God can withdraw help or send it.

In Heaven a person no longer needs ‘guarding’ in the sense of protection from sin, certainly. Everyone knows this, it has always been evident.

But I know of no reason to think that the relationship does not still continue in some of its other aspects, and to think the CCC is declaring it all ‘over’ is a stretch of the language.

It’s the Communion of Saints, not the Separation of Saints.

So what are we conflicted about exactly? :smiley: :rotfl: I think we misunderstood the extremity of each other’s statements to a degree!

Your guardian angel is the closest witness to your life other then Christ. Basically the angel will be your defendor against the advocate at judgement. It’s your guardian angel that sends up your prayers to the Father. Everyone and I mean everyone gets their “own” guardian angel. It is said that your guardian angel will be your help and guide if one must spend time in purgatory. I am sure that just as their is an angel assisgned to a person, so there is a demon(s) assigned to a person :frowning: this usally is where temptation comes into play.

Angel of God
Angele Dei

Angel of God,
my guardian dear,
to whom God’s love commits me here,
ever this day be at my side,
to light and guard, to rule and guide.

Angele Dei,
qui custos es mei,
me, tibi commissum pietate superna,
illumina, custodi,
rege et guberna.

St. Michael the Archangel Prayer
Sancte Michael Archangele
by Pope Leo XIII

Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle: be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray: and do thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host, by the power of God, thrust into hell Satan and all the evil spirits who prowl about the world for the ruin of souls.

Sancte Michael Archangele, defende nos in proelio, contra nequitiam et insidias diaboli esto praesidium. Imperet illi Deus, supplices deprecamur: tuque, Princeps Militiae Coelestis, satanam aliosque spiritus malignos, qui ad perditionem animarum pervagantur in mundo, divina virtute, in infernum detrude.


This was in response to the statement below:

I guess heaven is still a place where guardian angels go even a person went to hell. But are there bad angels assigned to some persons? When I say “bad angels”, I mean something like Satan who rebelled against God.

Can anyone provide precise answer supported by an evidence?

VetA’s answer is well thought out, and as thistle said

Now I would hesitate before agreeing with the part of this quote highlighted in blue

If I might offer some advice when contemplating your guardian angel: Think BIG !

First of all when we invoke our guardian angels, we are speaking to/of holy angels ; each one assigned to us by God himself … and who constantly beholds His Holy Face.
The principal passage of scripture cited in support of CCC 336 is Matthew 18:10 some of the secondary ones Lk 16:22; Pss 34:7; 91:10-13; Job 33:23-24; Zech 1:12; Tob 12:12.]

Matt 18:10
"See that you do not despise one of these little ones, for I say to you that their angels in heaven always look upon the face of my heavenly Father

We, as humans, have a tendency to contemplate our guardian angels only within the confines of time ,space and/or quantity which we understand. We really need to think “outside the box” on this one.

A guardian angel is not simply a type of guard/friend who accompanies us from place to place, or simply a messenger who goes back and forth bringing our intentions to God. Our guardian angel is simultaneously always with us and is always in the presence of God.

Fact : God does not assign bad angels to people (even if He did, remember they rebelled - so they wouldn’t have listened to Him anyway).

We shouldn’t automatically presume that satan “assigns” a demon to each person.

God assigns our guardian angel out of providence. We base this on the words of our Blessed Lord . Jesus never said anything about one devil or devils being assigned to each person (although Luke 11:24 warns how cast out demons can return sometimes w/reinforcements).

But we do read in scripture [Luke 8:26-39] of a man posessed by many demons - "…my name is Legion, for we are many" ( according to the footnote in the NAB :“The Roman legion at this period consisted of 5,000 to 6,000 foot soldiers; hence the name implies a very large number of demons”.)

So what shall we assume…?.. That satan assigns between 5,000 and 6,000 demons to each person…?..So we then claim to have an idea as to the amount of demons in existence…?.. And how powerful is each demon…?..You see how eventually we would end up back with only physical and numerical values ?

If it were only a physical thing and if demons were “assigned” to each person, how would we be able to attend the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass without the “assignment” being broken ? Every time we prayed a Rosary , or even said a Hail Mary , we would hear the “assigned” demon shriek , if it were able to physically remain and endure.

The best way to start knowing about guardian angels, is to admit what we don’t know first :slight_smile: .

It isn’t a physical struggle, as St. Paul tells us [Ephesians 6:12] : "For our struggle is not with flesh and blood but with the principalities, with the powers, with the world rulers of this present darkness, with the evil spirits in the heavens."

From :St. Michael And The Angels (1983 TAN Books & Publishers;pg 133)

A Bernadine Sister was shown in spirit the vast desolation caused by the devil throughout the world, and at the same time she heard the Blessed Virgin telling her that it was true , hell had been let loose on earth; and that the time had come to pray to her as Queen of Angels and to ask of her the assistance of the heavenly legions to fight against these deadly foes of God and of men.

“But my good Mother,” she replied, “you who are so kind, could you not send them without our asking ?” “No,” Our Lady answered, “because prayer is one of the conditions required by God Himself for obtaining favours.” Then the Blessed Virgin communicated the following prayer, bidding the Sister to have it printed and distributed:


August Queen of Heaven !
Sovereign Mistress of the angels !
Thou who from the beginning hast received from God
the power and the mission to crush the head of Satan,
We humbly beseech thee to send thy holy legions, that,
under thy command and by thy power,
they may pursue the evil spirits,
encounter them on every side,
resist their bold attacks
and drive them hence into the abyss of eternal woe.


First, I did not say the Church requires us not to believe in private revelations. I said the Church does not require us to believe them. We are free to believe or not believe in any private revelation.

Second, the problem I have with inaccuracies/contradictions in “approved” private revelations is that for me it casts some doubt on everything being genuine.

For example:

Marie de Agreda taught the existence of crystal heavens and that we must believe everything she says. This is false as such an obligation only exists in the case of Scared Scripture. Although her revelations are “approved” her beatification process was halted because of this.

Anne Emmerich talks about the terrestrial Paradise which exists on an inaccessible mountain near Tibet.

On when Our Blessed Virgin died:

Anne Emmerich said 13 years after Jesus died.
St Bridget said 14 years after Jesus died.
Marie de Agreda said 21 years after Jesus died.

On the Crucifixion:

Anne Emmerich said 3 nails were used and Jesus was nailed to the cross while it was still on the ground.
St Bridget said 4 nails were used and Jesus was nailed to the cross while it was upright and in place.

On the way to the crucifixion:

Anne Emmerich states that the Roman soldiers threw Jesus off a bridge!

These are just a few examples and in the case of Anne Emmerich I find it hard to take her writings, in general, serious.

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