Guardian Angels

Do people have only one angel and are angels male or female? I ask because my angel has a male voice.


Tradition tells us that we each are normally guarded by a single angel, we don’t need more than one after all. As pure spirits angels are sexless. So no male or female angels however angels can be masculine or feminine in their natures or disposition or, of course, by their actions and choice of manifestation should they choose, and God allow, to.

Of the nine choirs of angel the typical guardian angel is assigned from the ‘lowest’ choir, who are closest to us, even if vastly superior, in the hierarchy of creatures.

Also it is said that nations and peoples also have an angelic guardian though assigned from a higher choir.

How do you know that your Guardian Angel has a male voice!? You can hear your angel speaking? :confused:

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In the past I have heard him. I posted some of my encounters on other website.

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Not all the stories other people post are good, so be careful.


angels are pure spirit and have no gender and each person is assigned a personal guardian angel at conception. It is unusual but by no means impossible for someone to see or hear his angel, and the angel could communicate in any way that would be beneficial to that person, but if your regularly hear your angel you should submit that experience to your confessor or spiritual director for discernment and guidance.

Spooky. . .Hope the experience didn’t frighten you too much. There is indeed another world out there and you’re living proof to it. I agree with puzzleannie. . .it’s best to submit any of these experiences to your priest/spiritual director if you get them quite frequently.

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Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk

The great Russian Orthodox theologian, Sergius Bulgakov, believed that Angels - although “sexless” and so neither male or female - do indeed exhibit “masculine” or “feminine” characteristics, or at least that they align with either the masculine or feminine principles in the universe.

He saw a division in Angelic nature:

Angels of the Father - I suppose Seraphim and Cherubim who are above all distinctions and are sexless not just in gender but in personality as well

Angels of the Son - Not male but “masculine” in character

Angels of the Holy Spirit - Not female but “feminine” in character

Bulgakov believed that men had Guardian Angels of the Holy Spirit - to balance out their masculinity - whereas women had Guardian Angels of the Son - to balance out their femininity.

It actually would make sense when you think about it.

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