- Pope's visit to britain being dissed - help pls

This is probably the most shamelessly catholic bashing article I’ve seen in a long time!
If you have time, help out with the comments on the blog - more than 750 already. I post under veritas2000.

It is always entertaining to read the rants of an uneducated blogger with more bias than original thoughts.

If anyone is interested in real stats, not just opinions, you can read an article with legitmate research about the clergy and pedophilia here.

In regards to Africa, it is simple ignorance that condoms have been widely acceptable and the problem is growing. That in and of itself is proof enough against condoms preventing AIDS. People just want to have sex without consequences and they feel condoms provide it so they defend it regardless of cumbersome statistics and facts.

What can you do? It is “in” to bash Catholics so let the bashing come. It provides ample fertilization for growing Saints.

God Bless.

Didn’t read the 750 other posts but Sad :frowning: I posted a response.

I posted this on the Catholic News section yesterday. Damian Thompson of The Telegraph made a very good response to that article:

The Church is right and unassailable facts are there prove it, no matter what lies her enemies repeat: where abstinence and fidelity are the norm, HIV-AIDS declines, where Catholics are the majority and the Church has earned respect of people, even in the worst social and economic situations, HIV-AIDS declines. Look at the statistics.

If the hypothesis that Catholic doctrine spreads HIV and AIDS, we would expect to see increased infection rates in countries that contain more Catholics. Instead, we find decreased HIV rates in Catholic-dominated countries (although the trend is not statistically significant). The idea that Catholic teaching encourages the spread of HIV is not confirmed by the demographics.

The ten countries in continental Africa with the highest percentage of Catholics are:

  1. Equitorial Guinea (93.52% Catholic / HIV rate 3.4%)
  2. Burundi (65.25% Catholic / HIV rate 2.0%)
  3. Lesotho (53.62% RC/ 23.2% HIV)
  4. Congo (50.49% RC / 3.5% HIV)
  5. Angola (50.04% RC / 2.1% HIV)
  6. Democratic Rep. of Congo (49.45% RC / 1.2-1.5% HIV)
  7. Rwanda (47.92% RC / 2.8% HIV)
  8. Gabon (46.42% RC / 5.9% HIV)
  9. Uganda (42.28% RC / 6.7% HIV)
  10. Zambia (28.22 RC / 15.2% HIV)

This isn’t a true “African top ten” though. Some small island countries such as Cape Verde, Reunion and the Seychelles are over 90% Catholic and all have very low AIDS rates.

The ten African countries with the highest rates of AIDS are:

  1. Swaziland (26.1% HIV rate / 5.56% Catholic)
  2. Botswana (23.9% HIV rate / 4.78% Catholic)
  3. Lesotho (23.2% HIV / 53.62% RC)
  4. South Africa (18.1% HIV / 6.36% RC)
  5. Namibia (15.3% HIV / 16.78% RC)6) Zimbabwe (15.3% HIV / 8.79% RC)
  6. Zambia (15.2% HIV / 28.22% RC)
  7. Mozambique (12.5% HIV / 22.33% RC)
  8. Malawi (11.9% HIV / 21.76% RC)
  9. Uganda (6.7 % HIV / 42.28%)

Notice how no country which is over 40% Catholic has a high HIV rate with the exception of Lesotho, a tiny country which is completely land-locked by Protestant/pagan South Africa. The prevalance of HIV in a nation is determined more by geography than religious demographics. Southern and south-east Africa has far higher infection rates than the rest of the continent, including numerous highly Catholic countries in central Africa.

Of countries with high HIV rates, those with relatively high numbers of Catholics (e.g. Mozambique) are all located in the south/south-east.

Sources for statistics:


Current (2007) statistics:

Phillipines: (abstinence/fidelity promoted)
Population 91.4 Million
HIV/AIDS sufferers = 8,300
2007 AIDS Deaths = less than 200

Thailand: (condoms promoted)
Population = 66.1 Million
HIV/AIDS sufferers = 610,000
2007 AIDS Deaths = 30,000


The director of Harvard’s AIDS Prevention Research Project, Edward Green, has told a Rome conference that Benedict’s position on AIDS and condoms is correct.

Green stated this in an address at the 30th annual Meeting for Friendship Among Peoples in Rimini, sponsored by the lay movement, Communion and Liberation, ZENIT reports.

Green, an expert on AIDS prevention, said that “as a scientist he was amazed to see the closeness between what the Pope said last March in Cameroon and the results of the most recent scientific discoveries.”

“The condom does not prevent AIDS. Only responsible sexual behavior can address the pandemic,” he said.

“When Benedict XVI said that different sexual behavior should be adopted in Africa, because to put trust in condoms does not serve to fight against AIDS, the international press was scandalized.”
“To propose the regular use of the condom as prevention in Africa could have the opposite effect.”

He explained the phenomenon of human behavior called “risk compensation,” whereby a person “feels protected and thus exposes himself more.”

The researcher and medical anthropologist asked: “Why has an attempt not been made to change people’s customs?”

“The world industry has taken many years to understand that measures of a technical and medical character are of no use to solve the problem,” he added.

Green highlighted the successful policies that have been implemented in Uganda to battle AIDS, programs based in the “ABC” strategy: “Abstain, Be faithful, and, as a last resource, use a Condom.”

He reported: "In the case of Uganda, an impressive result has been obtained in the fight against AIDS.

Full article here:

This Scientist is not only one to come out in support of what the Pope said in Africa in March of this year.

Those who say that Catholic teaching is spreading HIV/Aids, should do their research, because it’s the exact opposite!

Good post lemonbeam - thanks! Really like the statistics!

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