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Currently we are putting in place legal documentation to cover in case of the untimely death or incapacitation of both of us. Since our DS is only 2 yrs old we want to have in place guardianship power of atty in case if we are incapacitated or dead.
We are concerned about whom to make guardian of DS because it is important to us that DS is raised in the faith as well as by family. Our families like most nowadays consist of fallen away Catholics or cafeteria Catholics. So our dilemma is how to appoint guardianship in the event we are incapacitated given the choice of relatives who are at best lukewarm or using acquaintances that appear to be strong Catholics.
Currently, the first in line is my cousin and her husband; who very good Catholics. Their youngest is 18 yrs old hence; we could see them bowing out as they become older! As a result of this the selection of our 2nd alternate is very important, because of the likelihood to become the primary guardian. Second in line is my DH’s sister who is single with very liberal and modernistic ideas concerning the faith. She would have to put my DS in daycare if he went to her. She is in her early 30s and DS is 2. I believe she would be very loving and self-sacrificing towards my son. We were thinking of presenting the 2nd alt position to her with the stipulation that she raises DS in the faith close to the way we would do it.
Both our brothers are out of the question. The choice I like for 2nd alternate is a DH’s cousin who lives close by, she is a nurse practicitioner, she is average in her catholicity, who sends their kids to catholic school and her husband has become a fervent protestant -meaning he’s like an evangelical type, very nice and likeable, easy to talk to, who wants his family to become protestant. This cousin has a sister who is also a viable 2nd alternate who is also an average catholic as well as her husband, who has a bit of an abrasive personality.
Then there is my cousin who also is an average catholic who sort of married wrong – shotgun married at age 17 - and they’ve had lots of problems over the years mostly because her husband goes on drinking binges, then gets sober, etc. He and now his daughter have many tattoos.
Unfortunately that’s it for the Catholics in our families who are weak choices. My DH is not very trusting of non family members.
Again I’m thinking if there is a way to keep my kid catholic if we are incapacitated by assigning a good teacher in advance if he ends up going with a relative weak in the faith.
I know I"m not perfect either. I do many things wrong but I’m trying to raise my son in the faith - hopefully well - I hope I don’t turn him off from it.
Anyway your suggestions please.

Thank you


Which family member would keep your child in touch with the Godparent(s)? Are there non-family member close friends who are practicing the Faith?


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