Guess the Denomination!

Hint: It’s not Eastern Orthodox (or Eastern Catholics). :stuck_out_tongue:

Considering they are wearing chasubles and one is a women, I’m guessing Episcopalian.

Nope! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m going with Southern Baptist. :smiley:

You may not believe this but very close! :smiley:

American Baptist International Ministries (IM) is celebrating 200 years of mission service by boldly moving into its third century of global mission through three major events and a Call Retreat from July 12–26 at the Green Lake Conference Center in Green Lake, Wisconsin in 2014

Man…this could reach 43,000 replies…sorry, couldn’t resist.

Southern Methodist

I was going to say some sort of Lutheran, but I don’t know how close they are in teaching.

They do indeed have an association with the American Baptist. They are apart of the Evangelical Baptist Union of Georgia, which has an episcopal polity rather than the usual congregationalist polity you find in most Baptist denominations.

There is actually a small Byzantine Rite Lutheran denomination in Ukraine.

Georgian Baptist church, or Ukrainian LUTHERAN church…

these kinds of movements make no logical sense to me, it seems a non-committal half-move. Doctrinal heterodoxy (or protestantism, if you will) but half-visually orthodox/catholic/etc…

Why? Other than they know that within the culture they are in, the Apostolic faith is so ingrained, that the people will only half-accept their separation from their mother church.

Georgian Baptists, Ukrainian Lutherans - in the Slav/Greek East, Marthoma Syrians - in the Syriac East; Ethiopian Pentecostals in the Coptic East; Armenian Evangelicals; Anglo-Cath Anglicans, high church Lutheranism, Old Caths - in the West

AND the kicker… still not in communion fully with each other.

The former, it’s Georgian Baptist.

Interesting. Next photo, please.

Wow. Definitely nothing like the Baptists I know. Based on this photo, they obviously have some sort of Eucharistic theology… obviously high church.

There ya go, more photos of Georgian Baptist. :smiley:

They might. For now I am just going to assume, because they’re Baptist, that they hold to a symbolic interpretation of Eucharist only; or possibly they hold to the Reformed Baptist view, but considering that they are heavily eastern in their approach, I find that doubtful. I really can’t find much info on their Eucharist theology though, but I’ll keep searching and see if I can find anything.

Maybe it’s just because I know so little of individual protestant denominations, but I find their dress alone hard to believe. It seems too orthodox (little o) to be protestant.

He says their theology is BAPTIST, not Orthodox and splinters of splinter, of course:

The EBCG’s worship and ties to Western evangelical and ecumenical groups have divided it from the Baptist unions of Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, and the Central Asian republics. Even Baptists in Georgia are split: The Evangelical Baptist Association of Georgia, a second Baptist union of 6 pastors, 30 churches, and some 800 adult members, became official last October. The Moscow-based Euro-Asian Federation of Unions of Evangelical Christians-Baptists rushed to make the dissident movement a member—and is still estranged from the EBCG.

The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF), based in the state of Georgia, has meanwhile publicly supported Songulashvili. Frank Broome, CBF coordinator for Georgia, has noted that the two denominations “share things in common: They are accustomed to being criticized by fellow Baptists for inclusion of women in ministerial leadership, and for working cooperatively with other Christian groups.” (The CBF split from the Southern Baptist Convention in 1991 over women’s ordination.)

Well, they are based in the primarily Orthodox country of Georgia, so it does make some sense.

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