Guess who I am


If u guessed whatevergirl’s husband, u get a door prize on your way out. :=)

My wife wanted me to join, so here I am. I am a cradle Catholic. Born to two MAJOR devout Catholics, my dad was in WWII. God rest his soul. I am one of nine kids, and my youngest brother and me are the only ones left who follow the faith. I have 3 sisters, one follows zen, and the other two are atheists.:rolleyes: I have an older brother who is Lutheran, and my other brothers say they are Catholic, never go to church. We all went to Catholic school. How they all got away from the faith, I don’t know. But, my wife praises this message board, and says that we need to be following all of the Church’s teachings. (so if we end up with 6 more kids, I am coming looking for you) lol just joking. :cool:

Nice to meet ya. Talk to u another time. Pens are on–gotta go.

Any Steelers/Pens/Pitt fans here??



We are going to call you whatever-guy, you know :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome bro.

Go Ravens/Caps/Terps. :slight_smile:


Commercial on.

She asked me to register under that name. I told her, if u want to pick a name like that, go ahead. lol She explained the meaning behind it. lol Ooooo-kay.

Have a nice night, and I’ll be back another time!

(Hi honey, you will be on here shortly, I’m sure) :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum!!

So was there a winner in the name picking contest?


:clapping: to your wife for getting you on here despite all of us being a little :whacky: at times

6 more kids would be really great, seriously :thumbsup: Big families are great.

Welcome :grouphug: :slight_smile:


YAY–HE JOINED!:extrahappy: :clapping:

I never knew you thought my name was that bad. :wink: Anyways…

Welcome honey! Meet my friends here!

He has been swept away peeps by the hockey fairy…:smiley: He might not be here much, but he said he will try. He doesn’t like typing, but when he has the time, he said he will try. Aw. :o

dawgfan–I should look back at that thread, and see who picked PenguinsFan.:slight_smile: I don’t recall many votes for that. Hmm.


Yeah me…But after the game on Saturday, I wouldn’t be saying it too loud…


No kidding…that was horrible!:mad: Pittsburgh chokes–all the time–baseball, football, whatever. What is it with them? I told him that he should pick a new team. hahaha:rotfl:

He was like…'you don’t just pick a new team…???"

:blush: hey, I have to start watching what I post. :wink:


Reminds me of an ad in the Pitt paper a few years ago…went something like this…“Will the lady who left her 11 children playing in Three Rivers Stadium please come and pick them up?”



Hi and welcome. I’m a huge fan of this place. Hope you like it too. Your wife is super sweet! :slight_smile: Maybe my husband will join, one day. :blush:


:smiley: We have heard that one! Well, they did manage to win a Superbowl two years ago. Now, we just need to wait another 40 more years.:rolleyes:


Wow, 6 more kids…a lofty goal you have there. :wink:

Welcome to the forums and I am guessing you chose your own user name.


Pittsburgh is the greatest city ever.
Use to live there and my dad still owns a bar in Ambridge.


Oh really? That’s cool! We miss PA sometimes…my husband will be the one to tell you, he hated the snow, really. One or two snowfalls, but all that shoveling. Gets a wee bit old, when it’s still snowing in…like…April.:smiley: ha


That’s why my family left. Couldn’t stand the winters. Summer was awesome, though.

What part did you live in. We lived in Baden.


We lived in Southhills…near Bethel Park. Sometimes, I do miss those hilly neighborhoods. Everyone was very close there. Thankfully, we have become close with our neighbors here in FL. And our parish was awesome too. But, we believe it was God’s will to move us to Florida…so here we are.

Did you ever go to the Pittsburgh art festival during the summer?


Okay Serious question here and a lot is at stake:

Is Sidney Crosby going to be as good as Wayne Gretzky?


Welcome, PenguinsFan!

Could be worse, I’m from the other side of the state and we’re Eagles fans out that way :eek:


I was actually in 4rd grade when I left, so I can’t remember. I do remember the old steel mills, pirates games, old economy, my old catholic school(MGA). I was visiting every year, but we had to cut that off to visit my grandparents in Philly. I probably never would have had anyways, hated the art museam. I wish everyone in the south would learn how to say Carnegie, though…

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