Guess who is back in town

Hi everyone,
Ive managed to get back here for a while, i see there is quite a lot of reading ive got to catch up with, but hey, all the same, im back.
Happy Easter to all my wonderful friends on here.

Good to have your back. Happy Easter to you too my friend:)

May God Bless you!

Welcome back sister in Christ :).


Welcome back!

Welcom back and Happy Easter too

Who’s back?



Gosh darn it, for a moment I thought Santa Claus was back in town. Oh well.

u newbies will get to know me well soon enough!

Welcome back! :wink:



dolphinlove :), please continue your trip story:


Welcome home :slight_smile:

Great to have you back my dear and I’ve also noticed Crissie is back. She’s been gone for over 3 weeks now…

Nice to see you guys on the board again!

God Bless!

Thank you everyone,
Its great to be back with my wonderful Catholic friends, to be back with God and back with CAF. Now, where are the muslims :stuck_out_tongue:

And why are you posting this in the non-catholic religions section :shrug:

Welcome back, Dolph

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