Guess who is joining her local Catholic Church?


My sister!!! :thumbsup: Praise be to God!!:extrahappy: I talked to my sister this morning, and for those of you who remember her past situation…she started going to a Methodist Church (largely because of that guy she was dating) And…I planted a few seeds, and said no more. Asked you all here for your prayers…and we must be some powerful prayer warriors, ladies and gentlemen, because she called me this morning to wish me a Merry Christmas, and said that she went to a RCC last night for mass, and she decided to ‘come back.’ She said that she is going to get envelopes and become a parishioner…and really be a part of the Church. She said she was a little scared, but in her heart–this is where she belongs. She also commented how awesome the priests seem to be at this parish. This might very well be the best Christmas present ever!:extrahappy:

Thank you for your prayers everyone–HAVE A JOYOUS AND SPECIAL CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!


Congratulations Sharon! I am happy for you:thumbsup:


That’s wonderful!!



Wow! That is awesome! Happy for you ( and her)!! :slight_smile:


What a wonderful Christmas gift for all of you! Praise God! :extrahappy:


That is a great Christmas present WG. How wonderful for her and all of your prayers for her, helping in her time of discernment.:thumbsup:

Thanks be to God.


Wow that is awesome!!! She is starting the New Year off right!!!


Yes she is:thumbsup: Just got back from visiting my sis …in west palm…and she was very into going back to the RCC…we talked a lot about it. Praise be to God.:slight_smile:


This is so encouraging, I am happy for all. Edifying to the body as well, I pray she continues. :slight_smile:
Glory to the Lord!


How wonderful! Praise Jesus! :slight_smile:


Another soldier to man the walls of Helm’s Deep! Alleluia!


Thank you everyone for your kind words…I’m truly happy, and may she go to Confession soon…I think she has been away from that Sacrament for a while…maybe she already went, I dunno? But, I pray that she will partake of the Sacraments. :slight_smile:


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