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Just to make a long story short, my sister made friends with a guy who was first friends with her best friend. Her best friend now lives in California. Anyway, my sister and her now guy friend became close and hung out a lot. he is a very different race, and in my culture we typically don’t date outside of our race. I didn’t think anything of it. But then they stopped hanging out as much and she said she was mad at him, but it didn’t sound serious when she said it. Sounded like something silly happened. When I asked why she said he had believed something that a girl told him about my sister, and my sister knows this girl but isn’t friends with her. She didn’t tell me what it was and didn’t explain the whole story so I didn’t push the subject. Anyway, he is a really nice and caring guy though. We started to chat through texting and my sister knew about it of course and it was all innocent. He helped me with finding a deal on a car, and is really helpful. He took me to dinner for my birthday a week later. he started to talk about how they don’t hang out as much with her and one of her friends and I was confused and was telling him that I was basically confused because my sister doesn’t hold grudges and they seemed cool still just didn’t hang out as much anymore. I just had thought it was weird. I told him that we don’t tell eachother everything like about guys we date, and then he told me to go back to what I said about not talking about guys we date. And then I asked u guys dated? And he nodded his head and said pretty much yea (or just yea, not sure). I was in shock, because I didn’t think my sister would date him. I don’t think she would be serious bc he did say she told him she said she wouldn’t date him and that my parents wouldn’t approve but seems like it just lead to her liking him I guess.
He told me not to tell my sister anything (because she didn’t tell me or want me to know.

Now I feel reallyyyyy bad about knowing, and not telling her. But I just don’t want to cause any more issues with them. She asked what we talked about and I told her stuff we talked about but just not that part. I feel so bad and wish I didn’t know. Is this a sin???

Hi Cupcake,
If this is the short story, I’d hate to see the long one!:slight_smile:
It’s pretty confusing, but I don’t see any sin involved.
After this, I suggest telling friends and family that you don’t want to keep secrets for them, so if they don’t want you to know something, they shouldn’t tell it to you.

If you all are dating, I would recommend not being exclusive, but dating a variety of people casually so you can get to know what kind of person you want to end up with.
God bless.


Maybe your sister was afraid to tell you and the rest of the family that they dated since he is a different race…maybe that is why she ended it with him because she knew she would face disapproval over the race issue…

He sounds like a nice guy, its sad that in this day and age people still judge others by skin colour (not saying you do it :slight_smile: )

No it is not a sin. You are not obliged to report to your sister every single item, in detail, on what you talked about, especially since he apparently told you in confidence and asked you not to tell her.

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