Guests on "The World Over"

Can anyone tell me how guests for the EWTN program The World Over with Raymond Arroyo are chosen? Are they usually hand-picked by Mr. Arroyo himself?

Have you watched “The World Over” often? I tape it and have watched for at least two years.

You might email Mr. Arroyo through his website, under the “Contact Raymond” button at:

From having watched over the years, I’ve seen 3 or 4 Congressmen on frequently, one priest trained in bioethics, one priest who reports on happenings at the USCCB, an advisor on Islamic affairs (Prof. Walid Phares), various laypeople involved in Pro Life work. When Fr. Neuhaus was alive, Raymond often had him on.

His programs are also available on EWTNyoutube:

I do catch The World Over quite a bit. Raymond Arroyo has a Facebook fan page.

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