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Hi everyone. I am posting this because, I have been feeling somewhat torn in two lately. May be it's because of my age, I'm not really sure.

Since I was 17 years old, I have had a tug at my heart for a calling to the priesthood. I ignored the calling because I was dating my wife. We got married, have 3 kids, and currently divorced for almost 3 years. My wife has decided to let her boyfriend move in, she has full custody of the children, and I have decided to remain chaste and not pursue another relationship because I recognize that I am sacramentally married. Recently though, this calling has become stronger.

Now realistically, I have to apply for an annulment and wait upon the tribunals decision on wether or not my marriage was valid from the get go. If the annulment is possible, then I would fall in the category of never have been married, since my marriage was not vaild to begin with. Second, I know the Church is not going to want to become responsible in paying child support until my kids turn 18. I can pursue in becoming a deacon, and I guess it would be up to my bishop if I would be allowed to pursue the priesthood or not when my yougest becomes 18 and child support is paid off. Going into the deaconate will, eventually bind me to my current state of life, without a spouse, which I have no problem with.


Has anyone heard of similar situations where they were able to become priests?


Well, assuming your annulment will be granted, you would do best to talk to your vocation's director for the diocese. Each case is treated differently, and each bishop looks at these issues in a different way. Having a discussion with the VD would help you to get a clearer picture about the whole thing, and he would be able to put you in touch with a good spiritual director to help you find God's will in all this, no matter where He ends up leading you.

I am glad you have a heart open to God's will, and He will surely bless you for that. But keep in mind that your marriage and your children, as husband and father, remain your number one priority in God's eyes. Pray for them constantly, and for grace for yourself, and I'm sure you will end up where you belong. God bless you in this.

In the love of Christ and Mary,


I believe that once your marriage in annulled by the bishop you are free to pursue a vocation. Its up to the diocese you live wether or not they want you even with an annulment but a lot men have been in a smiliar position and got in. However the best way to know is to contact a vocation director near you.

God bless!


I got a reply today, here's what it says:

Hi ___,

Thanks for your email and I am so pleased to know that you feel God’s call to the priesthood. I am so sorry that your married life didn’t turn out as well as you hoped it would be; however, God’s call is a constant in our lives. It is only a matter of finding out exactly how He wants us to serve Him.

May I suggest that you talk to your pastor regarding your annulment? If you are granted one, it may pave the way for you to pursue a vocation to the priesthood.

Meanwhile, be assured of our prayers for you as you continue to discern God’s will.

Blessings upon you and all you love,

Fr. _______

Vocations Director

The key word here is may. Well, only one way of finding out, and that's by doing it.


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