Guide dog lands spot in yearbook next to girl he takes care of: 'They're such a great team'


I saw this on the news today, thought it was a wonderful story, really goes to show how special dogs are in our lives, anyone who has had a dog before knows how special and great they are though!


I am glad you shared this story. These animals are incredible and this just proves how much they mean to so many of us. Thanks.


Thats ace! Love it :slight_smile:


This is why we should remember; as the Franciscans say. “All God’s Creatures Great & Small; Are God’s Creation”. Thanks for the link.


Dogs have amazing senses that we cannot duplicate with machines or technology. There are also Diabetes Alert dogs who are at the side of diabetic children day and night and can warn of highs and lows. One of my neighbors trains these dogs (her son has Type I Diabetes) and she said they were at a basketball game and the dog “alerted” at the coach. Sure enough he was dangerously low and was unaware. Dogs also can smell or sense cancers. Really a wonderful gift. This dog not only helps as a life saver, I believe he also helps this young lady interact with classmates. Nothing like a dog to break down barriers.



Good for Hector Garcia Middle School! Too often we hear of controversies regarding yearbook censorship. It is refreshing to read the opposite. And such a heartwarming story, too, :slight_smile:


Simply amazing! A very cool gesture on the school’s part :slight_smile:


That is really cool. I am sure that this girl’s guide dog means a lot to her. I know that my cat means a lot to me but the only medical purpose she has is to help alleviate my depression by easing my loneliness.


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