Guide to pronouncing names in Louisiana

Neither my maiden name or married name are on the list. But I promise you I am CAJUN born and bred.


I dunno.

If @cajunjoy65 still needs one, it sounds like a lost cause . . .

:scream: :roll_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I still can’t deal with irish names I didn’t grow up pronouncing.

American english has some “half syllable” words, like “orange” (with 2.5), but Irish has closer to quarter syllables.

Like “Corcoran”, where the first R isn’t quite silent, while the second O is only about a quarter syllable, so it’s about a fourth of the way from coch-ran to cor-cor-an . . .

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There are a few I’ve come upon that I have to try a few times before I get it.

A lady I worked with was originally from New Jersey. She saw all the signs down here with Geaux “this or that, whatever” and she said WHAT does that Geaux mean and how do you pronounce it? I explained it is just our Cajun way of saying GO!

Oh, i tried . . . I just didn’t succeed . . .

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