Guide to the LotH?


I would prefer a paper copy (like the St Joseph’s Guides), if possible

ie,I am not asking about the general guide to Christian Prayer from St Joseph’s–I know about those. I am looking for the **Benedictine **one.

I asked this in the Benedictine forums, but no luck. I made this a general question here, ie while I am looking for a Benedictine one, I figured someone might know where to get one for the other “3rd orders”, and therefore be helpful to a larger audience:)

Failing that, an online guide. I have found a couple on Benedictine ones, but they do not give page #'s. I pray the 1 volume version (Christian Prayer), BTW.

I have been searching for 3 weeks, without success.:frowning:

Any help greatly appreciated:thumbsup:

PS I think this is the right forum for this, but if not, my apologies.:o


I don’t think what you’re looking for actually exists.

Most Benedictine houses or Congregations have published their own Office Books based on the THESAURUS, a collection of antiphons, hymns, collects, and Psalter schemata.

Now, if you’re talking about those Benedictine houses that use the pre Vatican 2 office, this would require two books if you say it in English: Monastic Diurnal (available in two different editions, one English only, the other bilingual) and Monastic Matins (available from Lancelot Andrewes Press).

I’m not aware of any ordos or such for them, however.


If you are using Christian Prayer, what makes it Benedictine?

Is there a published supplement to that volume (a la the Franciscan supplement)? Contact the publisher of the supplement. (eg CBP, publishes the Franciscan supplement(s) and annual guides for those who use them)



Perhaps you’re thinking of the Benedictine Propers (not sure if there is one)?

For example, here’s what the Carmelite’s follow:

Dave :slight_smile:


Look what I’ve found :smiley:

This a revised Monastic Diurnal, NOT a LotH, though.

Does anyone know if the Sisters are RC, and if they are orthodox (small “o” )?




Darn it:(


That is what I’m looking for, exactly! Thanks so very much.

I will see If I can find Benedictine Propers.:slight_smile:


Hi Lou,

That OCD calendar looks somewhat like the Benedictine Ordo. Here is the ORDO of the American-Cassinese Congregation which is the order of services for the Liturgy of the Hours (LOH) and Mass in Churches and Oratories of the Congregation (which is Catholic and Benedictine).

Hope that helps. The document will take some time to open.


Grazie, John!:thumbsup:


HERE is exactly what I was looking for (it was listed in your link)

Thank you so much, John. :slight_smile:


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