Guided Visualization


Is guided visualization morally acceptable? An example I found online can be found here:

Would you say something about why you think this might be immoral? It would make it easier to address your concerns.

It seems a little like hypnosis, which I understand to be sinful unless there is a serious reason to do it. But judging from your response it seems like it wouldn’t be sinful :). Since you’re an Oblate and not just some random person I also can assume you know what you’re talking about! :slight_smile:

I don’t know that hypnosis is sinful – someone else would have to speak to that. As far as guided imagery – I suppose anything could potentially be used in a negative way. But imagining a scene and putting yourself in it seems neutral to me. If you think of the scene on your own is that somehow different from having someone else describe the scene to you?

As far as being an Oblate, that doesn’t make me an expert on anything. It’s mostly a way of describing my spirituality or background when posting here. Sometimes it’s helpful context when reading someone’s posts.

By the way, welcome to CAF.

Dear collegeathelete, this IS dangerous,
b/c you’re putting your mind and body
open to ANY spirit to “take control” and
that is just like contemplative prayer w/o
meditating on God or His Love, it’s Danger-

I never read in all of Scripture, especially the New Testament where a believer has to take some course or some sort of training to ‘enhance’ The Holy Spirit within me. I did not check out the link you posted, but there is no need for things like this within The Faith. It makes God ‘imaginary’, and therefore is a form of unbelief to practice it, helpful as it may or may not be to whatever goals you have it in your mind to achieve. The Holy Spirit can very well communicate with you without the help or use of some sort of mind practice/exercise. To deny that is to deny The Truth of God, His existence…

2 Timothy 3: 5 “… having a form of godliness but denying its power…”

This has nothing to do with “enhancing” the Holy Spirit in my soul. I just want to know if doing guided visualization is okay. It can involve more mundane things than the faith.

As an aside surely the Holy Spirit can communicate to me through my mind. Why not? St. Ignatius of Loyola certainly thought so. :slight_smile:

Has this conversation completely ended? Hopefully not! Anyone else out there with some knowledge about this?

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