Guidelines for creating Catholic art


As an artist I would like to know if there are any specifics that one need be aware of regarding the creation of religious items such as “trading” cards, bookmarks or other artworks depicting religious scenes (i.e Stations of the Cross, Rosary Mysteries, biblical scenes). I’m thinking in terms of proper form and representation, are blessings necessary etc?
thank you


I recommend you read the Holy Father’s 1999 *Letter to Artists * at You’ll find his words enlightening and inspirational.

You also might be interested to know that on February 18, 1984 Pope John Paul II declared Blessed Fra Angelico the patron of artists. Perhaps Blessed Fra Angelico would be the patron saint to pray for you and serve as an example. For more information on Blessed Fra Angelicao, click here

The Church does not require artwork to be blessed.

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