Guides to conversion



i currently attend a university, and I see many opportunities for conversions and returns to the faith around me. Can any of you recommend a good book that can give me ideas and guide me through helping a conversion?



Patrick Madrid has a book called Search And Rescue How To Bring Your Family and Friends into-or Back into-the Catholic Church. While I haven’t used it a lot, it does have some good pointers.
I prefer the following books for the coverage they give on the most common obstacles and objections non-Catholics have.
*Catholic And Fundamentalism by Karl Keating
*A Biblical Defenseof Catholicism by Dave Armstrong
*Born Fundamentalist Born Again Catholic by David Currie

Don’t forget to pray for the Holy Spirit to lead you in the best way.


If, as you say, they are interested, I can also suggest any of the Surprised By Truth series of books.
It’s available here.


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