Guild Wars 2?

I have been waiting many years for this game to finally be released and now it’s two weeks away. Is anyone else looking forward to this? What races/classes do you think you’ll gravitate towards?

Personally I’m really happy that there will be 5 character slots at launch because I think I’m going to have to play each race’s perspective at least once (I’m really loving the Norn though). As for classes I’m not sure yet. I gravitate towards the bow/beast classes but I was enjoying my time as a thief as well.

I’ve been looking forward to it for a long time. I did get to play a few days during a beta weekend event. I want to play it but am way too committed to my Wow, and already spend too much time on my Xbox.

Yes! I’m very excited for GW2. I’ve actually pre-purchased the game so I could have access to Beta events and get head start access. I was very pleasantly surprised with how polished the game was. Heart events were reasonably entertaining and dynamic events were fantastic! I wasn’t able to try PVP though.

I think I’ll be playing a Mesmer but I haven’t had the chance to try a Warrior, Engineer or Elementalist. From what I hear the Mesmer is still a little dysfunctional but I’m hoping they’ll fix that by release.

I figured I would give this a bump.

I have been playing GW2 quite a bit over the past week. I also played during the beta events a time or two, but I have been hooked lately.

Anybody else playing? Anybody interested in joining my guild?

Ite in pace,
Joshua C.

What server are you in? I’m on Fergeson’s Crossing although I wish I wasn’t. WvW is frighteningly difficult with them.

I can’t remember which server I went with. I would have to check.

I’'ve been playing since beta on Sanctum of Something (Rawl?) in a guild named Gaiscioch and have enjoyed it very much. I played EQ, EQII, WOW, and Rift. This fits very well. Gaiscioch is great. It’s gigantic and almost always has something going on. It’s geared more to WvWvW than PvE, and I’m the other way around, bit it still works well for me. It’s an adult guild with Raid Call (a Vent alternative). The guild is strictly PG rated and I would say it’s actually P rated.

If any of you are on Sanctum, whisper me in game. My characters are Kenny, Christian, Marvin, Della, and Reggie Krub. (All have the last name Krub.) I look forward to it.

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