Guilt from one sin causes me to commit another


I can usually go a week before succumbing to a mortal sin; and then the first thing I do is go up to my kitchen and eat like 1,500 calories to get my mind off of it. Which makes me think that I commit the first sin out of insecurity in my self-image or something, like I unconsciously decide to commit that sin as an excuse to eat.

Anybody suffer from the same thing? Any thoughts on it?


I too struggle with food as one of my major vices. So I can empathize with your struggles.

I’m not sure of your situation, but do you feel the need to eat b/c of craving that particular food, or is it because of boredom, or do you figure that if you sin by gluttony that will stop you from sinning in a different way? I guess what I’m trying to ask is if you have really sat down to think of the reasons why you are eating.

One suggestion might be to try going to confession more often. Another suggestion is to make sure you don’t keep “trigger” foods in the house. Like my mother cannot control herself around ice cream, so she will not buy ice cream unless it is in a single serving size b/c she knows she will eat like 4 servings in one sitting.

The urge to eat may stem from self esteem issues. You might feel that since you made a mistake by commiting sin “A” you are a failure and it is ok to now commit sin “B” which is the overeating.

Or maybe you are doing the overeating as a means of self medication b/c you feel comfort in food and you are trying to make everything ok again after you did a particular sin that made you feel bad about yourself. Of course this never works b/c then you feel bad about the overeating on top of the original sin.


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