Guilt Question

hi everyone…

i am a little confused about something and need some guidence… Recently, after performing a very samll act of charity, i felt amazingly guilty afterwords. Basically,here is what happend

my company is sponsering a gifts for needy children drive. Each department has a child we are buying gifts for. Well, initially i didnt want to because money is tight with me right now. then the nagging feeling of, but what does God want you to do came into play. So, i took half the money in my wallet, (which wasnt much) and threw it in the pot. Thats were the guilt comes in… i didnt do it because i wanted to… i did it only because god said so…

I mean, i know god doesnt frown on what i did, but i jsut feel like by me not wanting to do it, and only ‘because god said so’ i did it for all the wrong reasons.

anyway… i am not looking for any praise at all , so please dont comment on how i did a good thing. My question is merely why do i feel so amazingly guilty…

In Christ

You feel guilty because you have bought into the mistaken idea that unless you feel something, what you do is somehow less meritorious. This is completely backwards. There is no higher good than to do the will of God. When doing so goes against your first inclination, it is an indication of obedience and humility. You’re fine. You just need better formation.


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