Guilty for not Praying Enough?


So, sometimes when I am praying my prayers I feel like I might not go that extra mile to ‘verbally’ pray more. Instead I say prayers reflecting about Gods greatness. But at times I feel guilty as I may not have said enough prayers to a specific person or that. I just want to know if there is a way to get around this guilt so to speak as I have heard from other threads that prayers that are reflective but not verbally are stills prayers but I want to break the guilt so to speak.


this is the second time you have posted about not praying “enough”.

This is OCD-like behavior, and you have also previously posted other threads that display tendencies to scrupulosity. You say you want to learn how to move beyond the guilt: therapy and spiritual direction with a holy priest familiar with these ailments.

You simply must reach out to your pastor and tell him about your compulsive thoughts and behaviors and tendency to scrupulosity, and then continue to go to him when you have these thoughts. It cannot get better on it’s own.


I’m not sure the verdict is that your “scrupulous” and have OCD tendencies. I don’t have a DSMIV or the like… But I would like to say that The Lord gave to us the perfect prayer, the Lords Prayer. Jesus taught us how to pray correctly. Find a rosary and use it frequently.

God Bless :slight_smile:


How much is “enough”?


Just pray. So long as you pray humbly, confidently, perseveringly, faithfully and lovingly you will be fine. God bless you.


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