Guilty of sloth


Yikes. After three days of non-stop computor use, I realised my house has become a pigsty. I spent all afternoon yesterday straightening the playroom. Right now I’m taking a lunch break from cleaning my bedroom (ug, that’s where everything gets thrown when guests come over). After I’m done there, I have to clean my poor son’s room. Poor kid finally gets his own room and he ends up sharing with my sewing/craft stuff. Let’s just say, mom really needs to get organised :o

We are off to Florida next week and I want to come home to a clean house. Fly Lady be darned! I’m tired of always being a maggot (fly baby) :thumbsup: Time to fly!



I cleaned my bathroom this morning before church, it was actually too scuzzy to take a shower in, do I get points? It’s servile work but I am also doing laundry all day. Classes and meetings 12 hrs a day for 6 days and I have no clean underwear so either I go to walmart and buy some fruit of the loom packets, or wash some before work tomorrow.

the good thing about working long hours is I am not home to make messes, and DH only messes his computer-TV room and the kitchen, but he cleans it (at least, he cleans the kitchen). The dishwasher is broke, so I love his system. We each use one plate, one bowl, one glass, one mug, one set of silverware each meal and just keep washing it, so the other dishes stay put in the cupboard. Most of my meals are freezer-to-microwave, and I eat in the plastic dish, which is probably knocking years off my life.


I have actually confessed to my priest the sin of sloth because I HATE housework.


Ugh. We cleaned the house thoroughly today. I was trying to figure out why the back porch stuck so badly. It turns out that one of the darling kids had swept some kitty litter into a closet instead of depositing it in the trash. And, the kitty thought, “hey, here’s a new much more private kitty litter box.” It was full of poop and wiggly maggots. Yuck, yuck, yuck!!! :eek:

I was tempted just to burn the house down and start all over, but I couldn’t find the matches. So, now, we have a temporarily clean house.


me too. i truly think i am allergic to it.:blush:


Don’t beat yourself up. The problem with killing yourself to have a floor clean enough to eat off of is that as soon as you do, someone is going to spill a whole pitcher of juice on it. There is no way you can maintain perfection all the time and not go mad. I don’t think of it as sloth. I think of it as saving up energy to make the next clean sweep. Nothing worse than cleaning house all day and as soon as you clean a room, someone trashes it again. No wonder we hide on our computers! :rolleyes:


While there is an obligation to perform our prosaic chores in life, the capital sin of sloth refers to laziness in spiritual matters. My definition is

SLOTH - Distaste for spiritual things because their attainment requires too much labor. It is opposed to the virtue of charity. It is the source of failure to perform works of piety and mercy.

I forget where I copied that from.


That’s really interesting. I did think it referred to doing one’s family/work duties as well. Perhaps I would have been better off continuing to think that, as I am lax in my chores!! Guess I will have to work on being motivated to clean for some other reason!



my mother used to say this all the time, my brothers accidentally set the house on fire a couple of times, but put it out quickly, she just said, oh, shoot. She got mad because dad would start projects and never finish them, because he was helping other people with their own remodelling. Don’t know what sin that is. did a bit more laundry, did some dishes, did not clean the stovetop, ended up working all day because of some last minute problems and volunteers who reneged. Did not cook, made PBJ tacos (hi fiber lo carb tacos, lite pb, sugar free jelly) interesting, but not exactly my idea of Sunday dinner.


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