Guilty pleasure TV shows?

Even though I’m well past 40, sometimes I watch Saved by the Bell when I need to unwind or forget about the real world. It’s cheesy, mindless, silly, and absolutely necessary in this world.

What are yours?


Only Fools and Horses, 'Allo 'Allo! and sometimes Everybody loves Raymond


You might enjoy the podcast Go Bayside!, where a comedian dissects each episode of Saved By the Bell.

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Oh wow, I’d probably love it. Thank you! I drive a lot so I listen to a ton of podcasts.

Fair warning, it’s not for kids. Not that it’s not intentionally dirty or anything, but the comedians definitely don’t censor themselves. It’s not mean spirited or anything, but definitely not for young ears.

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“Green Acres”.

And because it’s October, “The Addams Family”
snap snap


Thank you for the warning. That thing doesn’t bother me, but I don’t want my kids listening to it. Appreciate it.

I like the silly and probably now-politically-incorrect shows of my wee childhood.

This one reminds me of visiting my grandma out in Nebraska. Dad and Granddad drove those old steam trains. My aunt had three teenage daughters in the 60s and one was named “Bobbie Jo” after my dad.

When I watch this I always like to think about how Col. Klink, Sgt. Schultz and Gen. Burkhalter had all actually fled the Nazis in order to get to USA and make this show, that Corporal Frenchie LeBeau had actually been interned in a concentration camp as a teen, and that Gestapo Major Hochstetter was actually a Jewish US citizen who’d served in the war. It takes my mind off the sad, sad story of Bob Crane.


Did you ever notice that there were no Russian POWs?

There actually was one named Minsk in the pilot. He was supposed to be part of the original cast when it went into production, but reportedly the actor, who was Russian-American, was too uncomfortable acting in a comedy against people in Nazi uniforms, and he decided to quit.

I never really noticed the lack of Russian POWs since there were Russian characters popping up from time to time. I remember one episode with a Russian spy and another one where they were trying to smuggle a Russian pilot out of the camp.

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