Guilty: The sin of Pride, but listen to this . .


OK I am gloating, bragging or whatever you want to call it, but this week our church is having its annual “RUMMAGE SALE”

No big deal there.

But here is the big deal. My 12 year old daughter asked our parish priest if she could organize a youth bake sale at the rummage sale and then donate the money to the church. This was completely my daughter’s idea. :thumbsup:

The rummage sale started today at 6am and ends on Saturday afternoon. My 12 year old called her classmates, organized the kids & their mothers to bake a LOT of treats, all of which were to be sold in “50-cent” size packages/plates, asked each family to donate 1 case of bottled water, and then set up a work schedule for the kids to work the sales table.

There is no food or drink at the Rummage Sale and it is HOT outside. So if shoppers or workers are thirsty or hungry they have 1 place to go . . . the kids table.

My daughter was there with one of her friends at 5:45am today to get started. By 11am they sold roughly $60 worth of goods and were in danger of running out. Fortunately one of the “afternoon shift” workers showed up early with her mom and a whole load of baked goods to re-stock the table.

Tomorrow they are going to bring a crock pot and sell HOT DOGS and potato chips for $1.00 The biggest worry is that all the baked goods will sell out by tomorrow afternoon and she will not have anything to sell Friday & Saturday . . . and that my wife will be spending a lot more time baking in the kitchen to prevent that from happening!!!**

**** I know I’m not supposed to be bragging, **
but darn I’m smiling ear to ear as I type this. :smiley:

Who would have thought that 12 year old kids
could pull off something like this?


Being pleased about something your child does is not sinful pride. Sinful Pride “is excessive belief in one’s own abilities, that interferes with the individual’s recognition of the grace of God. It has been called the sin from which all others arise. Pride is also known as Vanity.”

Don’t feel guilty. She saw a need and is doing something about it. :thumbsup: Good for her! I’m proud of her, too! :smiley:


I don’t know if it is true or not :wink: but I’ve been told that men and women see things differently :eek:

That said one of the things I always hope for and worry about is how my child will turn out. Will she be a good person. The first time we got called into the school in Kindergarden that was the main thing that went through my mind. It is one of those things that just always worries me because we only have a few years to help form our children’s belief systems before peer pressure and the world get to them.

It is just very gratifying to see that she has made such a good effort to help out. Certainly after she got the idea we did have to give some direction. Her first thought was to have the $$$ go to the unwed mother’s support home, but I told her that it was really a parish event and she needed to ask Fr. Peter where the profits should be directed. So she did. Obviously my wife has been helping with the baking and driving around chores too. But all through it, my daughter was the one who took an idea and pushed it forward, made all the phone calls, arranged the workers, and even talked to the mothers of several of the workers to get them to understand they needed to help too!

Its just nice to see that she is doing something good, and seeing the reward come out of it, and even seeing the smiles on her & her friends faces (I was a customer at 6:30am).


Great kid! I hope that she stays on fire and gets to join in more activities where she can feel that her parish and the entire universal church belongs to her and not just to adults.

My parish has some of the most active kids that I’ve ever seen. When I volunteered with the teens they used to wear me out. I love seeing kids on fire for the faith and for helping others.


Kudos :tiphat: to your little girl :angel1: and congratulations :smiley: :thumbsup: to you and your wife.


Bravo, Dad! PM me the location of this rummage sale.


Whoaaa! Hold on…this is simply NOT TRUE (in my opinion). Current parenting “experts” will have you beleive you only have a small window to impact your child…hogwash. I am a grown woman and my parents still influence me…it is a lifetime of helping your child build their character. Sure, young childhood is important but there are some people out there that try and make you feel your child’s character is fully developed by 4 or 5 and if you have not succeeded by then you have blown it…this is a load of hogwash. In other words: you are a great dad and doing a great job and your kids have you to thank for a lot of that!

Secondly: I want to ditto what another poster said, the kind of pride you are feeling is NOT sinful pride. You are proud of your child and have a right to be!

Last but not least…congratulations! It sounds like your daughter is growing into a lovely young lady, she sounds smart, creative and thougthful! Good for you!


No need for a PM, its actually published in the newspaper. The Rummage Sale is at St. Edward’s Church in Lowell, Indiana. Its a fairly small parish just beyond the edge of suburbia.

Lowell, IN is about 12 miles east of Beecher, IL, or maybe 16 miles south east of Crete, IL* (takes me about a hour to get to Chicago’s Chinatown from my house, and a bit under 90 minutes to get to O’Hare airport)

I guess it really goes to show that kids can accomplish much more than we give them credit for.

Its also nice to know that there are good kids out there. On the news we hear so much about the gang-bangers who are pre-teens and young teens and they are wreaking havoc in the cities. And even in the local newspaper you are more likely to hear about the “troublemakers” than the good kids . . . unless you dig back into the small print buried in the back of the paper. Trouble seems to make the front page. Doing good seems to get buried in the back.


And for your pennance please send me a dozen chocolate chipo cookies…


:clapping: Congratulations! How wonderful! If this is what she’s doing at age 12, who knows what she’ll be doing as she gets older! :slight_smile:


I think she is going to be busy making cookies now that “estesbob” is starting up the demand for a MAIL ORDER bake sale branch of the fund raiser :rolleyes:


Just an end of day 1 update, but it looks like they made about $120 for the day today. It might have been a little better but it rained this afternoon and that slowed things down a bit.

When my wife & I went there at closing tonight we also talked to the ladies who are running the rummage sale. Several didn’t realize the girls were selling bottled water or lemonade because the coolers were under the tables. . . so we suggest to our daughter that she might want to make up some “Beverage” signs to alert people to the availability.

The sale goes on until Saturday, I would love to see the girls hit the $500 mark for the whole event * (but I didn’t tell that to my daughter for fear it might put some pressure on her for something she has no control over).* Still, the event last year earned a total of $5000 for the parish, so if the girls bake sale can generate $500 this year that would be a nice 10% of last year’s total.

Oh, and my wife is back in the kitchen making more blueberry muffins and brownies.

Something else that turned out nice is that one of the older girls who is a year ahead of the girls working saw what happened today and volunteered to work the bake sale tables tomorrow :thumbsup:


I think that is awesome–absolutely awesome…being proud of your child…nothing wrong with that. I think pride comes in when we think that ourselves or our children do things without the direct support and will of God…right here is proof in the pudding that your daughter is directly following God’s will. Be proud, papa.:thumbsup:




It ain’t sinful pride so long as you don’t take all the credit for it.

You could use your gloating moment as an evangilization moment. In other words, did you invent all the good things you taught your children? Or were you raising your children in accordance with someone else’s plan? And simply by following the Catholic recipe for child rearing you can enjoy some awesome benefits.


Sorry estesbob, your cookies are on backorder.

I called my daughter a little while ago (she has my wife’s cell phone) and she was so busy selling stuff she said: DAD IT’S NOT A GOOD TIME, I AM BUSY HERE. I’LL HAVE TO CALL YOU BACK :smiley:

That was actually good to hear because we had a big storm roll through the south Chicago suburbs dropping SEVERAL INCHES of rain and some hail this morning. So the girl’s bake sale table, which was OUTSIDE yesterday got moved indoors this morning. But the rain kept the morning shoppers from showing up. However, based on the phone call, apparently they are busy NOW.


**UPDATE for Day 2:
These young kids are really proving themselves!!! :thumbsup:

Today, despite early morning rain & hail and a lack of shoppers at the rummage sale, the girls “bake sale” table still managed to sell $103.00 worth of baked goods, 7 packages of hot dogs ($1 for a hot dog & chips) and about a case of bottled water.


I wouldn’t say you are guilty of the sin of pride, but you definitely do have a reason to have the right kind of pride in your daughter…I’m really impressed! I don’t think I could’ve organized something like that when I was 12…or even now…:rolleyes: oh well :shrug:


I agree, I couldn’t have done it either.

Something else that amazes me is that today they added Hot Dogs & Chips to the offering because they noticed yesterday that people were going out to lunch. First, I’m impressed they noticed people were going out to lunch. I’m double impressed they figured out a way to see the opportunity and make a profit on the fact that the church is located in the middle of a residential area with no other place to get food nearby!


Sounds like she really has an eye for business…I see a future Donald Trump! :smiley:

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