Guitar Hero II?


Anyone have it for their PS 2? What age is it appropriate for? I’ve heard mixed reviews on the age appropriateness of the images shown on the screen.


I can’t say for sure, but my husband and I play Guitar Hero I, and I can’t think of anything objectionable about it. There is a very mildly scary character you can unlock (Grim Reaper) - that’s really about it.


My brother got it for Christmas. I didn’t notice anything super objectional, just images of crazy 60s rockers…but I haven’t played it all that much


My son received this for Christmas and seems to really enjoy it. I haven’t noticed anything too terrible about it. It actually does seem like a nice change of pace from the regular video games.


i couldnt think of a more boring game, (just my opinion) :slight_smile:


My son got it last year, and I haven’t noticed a problem with the images. I know when you are playing you are really focusing on the notes too. It takes a lot of concentration. I’m not a big video game player myself (well not since Atari when I was a teenager), but I’ve played Guitar Hero I & II myself, and it is fun.


Wow, just noticed this is a resurrected thread I had already posted on. Weird.


I just watched some kids play it the other day - although I do not know if it was 1, 2, or 3. There was a scantily dressed female rocker on when I watched it.


I just realized two nights ago, when showing my son the game that I bought for my dd, that I got GH III…I hope it’s ok.:o I thought I was getting GH II, but my son said this is what she wanted…but I have never bought the other GH’s so hopefully, the images will be ok. She will choose the modest dresser, she is aware of the clothing choices. Why do they have to do that with kids’ games these days…make things provocative?:shrug:


You got GHIII? You could sell it
Dad auctions pot-smoking son’s Guitar Hero III

TORONTO - A Canadian man who said he sold his 15-year-old son’s prized video game, a Christmas gift, on eBay after catching him smoking marijuana has sparked an online debate on who is wrong — father or son.

The unidentified man decided to punish his son by selling the popular and hard-to-find Guitar Hero III videogame he had bought him for Christmas for $90 on the auction site where an Australian buyer bid $9,100. It was not known if the sale at that price actually proceeded.


woah nelly…$9100??? ha My daughter wouldn’t mind giving it up then, I’m sure.:smiley: Interesting tac the father took…hmmm.


I had Guitar Hero II, and ended up getting rid of it.

The first part has your band playing at a high school auditorium; and on the scoreboard (which is like, the high school gym’s scoreboard as a decoration), it has “666” in red digits where the basketball game score should be. Plus, some of the songs they chose, like “War Pigs” and “Mother”, don’t really send the most uplifting of messages out there…LOL.

I just didn’t feel right about keeping it in my house, and ditched it. I have to admit, though, that it was an awesome game, and would buy other versions that don’t have stuff like that ('80s Edition, I, etc.) if I had the $.


I dunno. I’ve had some reservations about the games, but they are really fun and the kids have a blast playing them(ahem…so does mom and dad:o). It’s much more acceptable to me than some of the horrific video games out there.
If you have any questions about it at all, I would find someone with the game and review it. This is one of those things that I don’t think should just be nixed without looking it over.


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