Gun industry balks at California's new micro-stamping law



Wouldn’t a criminal just file off the micro stamp? So now the good citizens can’t get the same firepower the bad guys will have no matter what laws are passed.


It’s a dream of mine that one day the gun-control fringe will realize that criminals BREAK laws, even ones progressives think are good. :rolleyes:


That’s the point. In the opinion of the CA state legislature-- every victim needs to be disarmed!! Governments, like criminals, prefer unarmed victims.


If the technology is sound, I do not see a down-side. The technical issue is beyond me, but I see no reason why bullets should not be matched to a gun if it could be done. That’s a lot of ifs and caveats though.


I wouldn’t let that slip out at the local Dairy Queen if I were you.:smiley:


From what I can understand about the law, the downside is that it’s something that most gun manufacturers will not agree to (why spend the money for a CA-only model?) and is easily (less than 5 minutes with a file) circumvented. The “microstamp” is imprinted on the brass, not the bullet.


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