Gun maker hopes Christian engravings will keep assault rifles out of Muslim hands

An arms maker in Florida is engraving Christian symbols on its assault rifles, in a marketing ploy denounced by a Muslim group as fomenting “hatred, division and violence”.
The Crusader assault rifle is inscribed with the cross of the Knights Templar, a religious order that fought in the Crusades, and a psalm from the Bible — features that its maker, Spike’s Tactical, says are intended to keep the weapons out of Muslim hands.
The Christian symbols would prevent the guns from being shipped to the Middle East, he said, claiming the rifles had been a hit with the company’s customers.

Also in your link was the comment…

“This is just another shameful marketing ploy intended to profit from the promotion of hatred, division, and violence,” it said.

Interesting concept, though I’m not sure it will make a huge difference. Some extremists might get pleasure buffing the engraving out of the receiver.

The headline is misleading though. The gun in question is not an assault rifle, but an AR15 modern sport rifle. The AR15 platform does not include selective fire (i.e. burst or full automatic) which is one of the defining characteristics of an assault rifle. It is no more an assault rifle then any other .223 semiautomatic hunting rifle. Not surprised that the media continues to perpetuate this myth.

marketing ploy? Absolutely.

Will this keep said weapon out of the hands of Muslim terrorists? Why would it? If they really want to kill and this is available to them to do that its not going to stop them.

I read somewhere that in the early days of the Israeli army they were armed with old Mauser rifles that had Nazi symbols stamped on them. All they did was stamp over the offensive symbols so they were not clearly visible. Why would a terrorist not do the same with these rifles?

How will they continue to push their gun control agenda without scaring the public into thinking these weapons are exactly the same as the military.

If you want a good laugh (or cry in my case) take a look at how NJ legally defines “assault” rifles.

Exactly. Most people focus on the look of the gun with no clue if it has any impact on the firing characteristics. I know that after NY had similar aesthetics bassed definitions to NJ many replaced telescoping pistol grip stocks on ar15s with fixed hunting style stocks. It also would not ban things like the ruger mini14 ranch simply because it doesn’t have the evil pistol grip and telescoping stock. Now since NJ names specific models (and any guns based on them) it gets more ridiculous. There is a good reason I don’t want to move to the northeast or west coast. Unfortunately the Californians that have flooded Colorado have imported their irrational fear of guns with them.

And look who’s doing the hatred, division and the violence. Gun maker has a great idea and lots of courage!! God Bless, Memaw

I want one.

Please stop reading abc news

It is very common for people to customize thier armalite style rifle because you basically start with an incomplete rifle and build it.

This is my deer hunting rifle an AR-10 308

I love it!

Man, there you go assaulting deer. And with .308 no less. :dts:

We eat venison steak at least 3 times a week, I have 6 deer hunting sons and several grandsons. They all love hunting, fishing and camping and growing up had no time for drinking, drugs and all that bad influence. They process their own deer, make sausage, jerky, burger etc. During hunting season, I just turn my kitchen over to them gladly !! God Bless, Memaw

I agree… I think we should find ways to reduce the sale of firearms and have more programs to turn the guns in… There are far too many guns in our society and more regulation is needed.

There is plenty of regulation already, just need to enforce the laws already there! The bad guys usually don’t get their guns legally. You have NO need to fear decent law bidding people. God Bless, Memaw

There aren’t enoigh guns in the hands in Christians it is your American Christian duty to own an AR-15. I think the knights of Columbus should get rid of the swords and start carrying AR-15’s to protect the helpless and weak. It is no different than having a sword 700 years ago of a muzzle loader 200 years ago

I don’t hunt, but have several friends that grew up in areas where they closed school for the first week of elk season.

I have rifles, shotguns, and pistols so I was just giving Adamski a hard time. I was more making a lame attempt at making AR in AR10/AR15 mean “assault rifle” rather than “armalite rifle” like gun control pundits do all the time. If your hunting deer with an AR you must be assaulting them, right? -1 for lame humor. :blush:

I was making a point that hunting is good for the soul as well as the body. Supplies food and keeps the young ones out of trouble. I don’t hunt but I can shoot as good as any of my boys, (or at least I used to) I grew up on a farm with 4 brothers that hunted. Believe it or not I grew up on rabbit and squirrel . I couldn’t eat them now cause they run around in my yard. God Bless, Memaw

I want one, but sadly you can’t hunt in PA with a semiautomatic rifle. Law changes, we’ll talk.

Also of note: reading a MSM article on guns is about as reliable as MSM reporting on religion.

If they were to make these rifles out of bacon then we could stop them from using them :smiley: All kidding aside. These people will use any means they can get their hands on. As for the “assault rifle”, we don’t own them. MSR’s are what we can legally own (unless you have the time and money to buy one and your state allows it) and have been given a bad name.

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