Gun ownership in this day and age


Let’s not kid ourselves the world is going to hell in a handbasket.
Having said that to protect my family when things go south (anytime now in my estimation) having a gun of some description is on my mind.
I took my gun courses and passed and went to apply for my license but my wife will not sign for me. In Canada you need character witnesses to apply for your licence.
She doesn’t want guns in the house or me having one.
As mentioned I would like to have one and would go about obtaining one otherwise.
Having a licence wont mean anything if there’s no law and order other than “every man for himself”.
Am I committing a sin purchasing a gun for that purpose without a licence?


And probably also a major crime.

Respect your wife. Don’t sneak an unlicensed gun into your home.


I will never own or use a gun unless it is for skeet shooting if I ever learn how but MANY of my family members do and that’s their business. There are laws for a reason and I guess that character reference is for a very good reason. Wait and bring it up with your wife later. Maybe things will change.


You would be breaking civil law owning a gun without, which is itself sinful in all but the most serious conditions. Owning a gun, however, is not sinful.


Depending on what you are worried is going to happen, a handgun may not be enough against bands of mauraders or superior alien weaponry. (I know that sounds crazy, but I’m not really sure what we are talking about here.)

Your marriage is more important. If everything went wrong quickly, you might be all eachother has. Instead of choosing not to respect her wishes, continue discussing it or take her on a date to a shooting range so she might become more comfortable with it. If it’s an absolute no, why not focus on other types of fortifications for your home or types of combat that won’t fail you when ammunition is in shory supply.


Buying a gun illegally is immoral.

Regardless, this has little to do with gun rights and more about the fact that you would go and do something like that in spite of your wife’s strong wishes to the contrary. You’ll probably never need a gun. Your wife will have to live in a constant state of discomfort knowing there is one in the house.


In the meantime, follow the law. If North America gets invaded or attacked by Russia or China, there’ll be plenty of guns available.

Couldn’t you get someone else to be your character witness? Personally, I’d get the license and hold off on buying the gun until it’s either absolutely necessary or your wife warms up to the idea.


Definitely don’t purchase an unlicensed firearm. You could potentially get into major trouble, especially in Canada. Perhaps try some more to convince your wife of the importance of having a firearm?


The larger issue seems to be the overriding in a somewhat arbitrary way the desires and concerns of your wife. The most important issue you have is the union with your wife, the two becoming one. I think it would be far more productive if you spent your time coming to a meeting of the minds on this with your spouse first. Then get or don’t get the gun based on what you decide together.


Yes. You should not only respect this law but also your wife. I have lots of guns. If my wife didn’t want them I wouldn’t have them. If it al goes south come on over, I’ll take care of ya… …


Too bad. My wife has had a concealed carry permit and we go shooting together all the time. I feel better knowing she is armed and able to protect herself as I am away from the house for days at a time. A firearm is just tool that can be used and kept in a home safely and there is no need to be afraid of them. They just don’t jump up and start shooting all by themselves.


So if there is breaking glass in middle of night, make sure she understands she’s going to investigate since she is putting herself in charge of home defense




The best advice I can a give a person is to own these types of things before you get into a relationship, that way your grandfathered in lol. I made sure to have a motorcycle and firearms going into my marriage.


I don’t think that is true for the whole world. Russia is seeing a resurgence of the Russian Orthodox Church and under Putin, hundreds of new Orthodox Churches are being built. Further, only 5% of Russians support SS marriage. It is true though that Americans don’t like this as even among Roman Catholics in the US, 67% support the legalization of SS marriage.


That’s true. You know why dont you? * whisper * because Russia was consecrated.

Ducks out of room!


The problem with your statistic is that while the Church will identify anyone baptized as a Catholic, or who has professed to being Catholic (as in, joined the Church) as Catholic, better than half are not practicing the Faith at all… The odds are extremely good that a random sampling of people who call themselves Catholic will include a significant number of people who never darken the church doors, and those who come once or twice a year ( sometimes identified as "C&E’s - Christmas and Easter) and so the stat is seriously skewed.

Which is not to say there are not a number of Catholics attending Mass weekly (and Communion) who hold that homosexual marriage is A-OK. But 67%? Nope.


(Snort!) :wink::wink:


Hm… Let us all know how that conversation goes…


You should listen to your wife. Love her and raise a family together. Discard these thoughts that the world is allegedly going to hell or the idea that guns will make you safer. They don’t. They make you less safe.

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