Gun ownership in this day and age


It is a Race To The Bottom.


Ummmm. Your source does not support you at all. It clearly shows US are much worse per capita!! Keep reading. It shows that knife crime in the UK, while up statistically, are still much lower than the US mediun per capita. Gun crime is even worse for the US (by over x5 the amount).

Thanks for backing me up. I’m not sure of your point to be honest.


I think this entire thread is based on a faulty premise. Guns and gun ownership are morally neutral.

The problem is an increasingly violent culture which is producing murderers at an unprecedented rate.

That is the problem.


Yes it is.

So what is the solution. I can think of one.
Take away the tool that allows them to do it so easily.


No, murder rates far lower than what they were in mid 70s.


A sin? Probably not. You need to differentiate between “sin” and “breaking the law.” I’m not familiar with Canadian gun laws but I am assuming you are saying you need a license to purchase a handgun in Canada.

In the US there is no licensing requirement per se to own a gun unless you are purchasing an automatic firearm (“machine gun”) though many states require a permit to carry a concealed firearm.

Is this what you are talking about? A permit to carry one or a license to purchase one?

As for the sin aspect IMHO it would not be a sin just to purchase and own a firearm. Everybody - despite the laws of man - has a God-given right to be able to defend themselves by any means necessary up to and including a weapon of some sort.

However, if you resort to false pretenses (i.e., forging your wife’s signature) to obtain the necessary license you would be both breaking the law and committing the sin of Bearing False Witness (lying).

My 2-cents.


Exactly what I quoted, taking away guns from those who need them.



Those who live by the sword, shall die by the sword.


So you are saying if someone charges at you with a knife, you are going to use nothing more lethal than a knife to defend yourself?

Personally, if someone comes charging at me with a knife, I’m going to shoot him.


It’s the psycho suicide-shooter murders that are up today. Ironically, these were virtually non-existent in the days you could walk into Sears and walk out with a gun. Or mail order a firearm:


And you would be justified, legally and morally. You fire until the threat is neutralized.


This is completely irrelevant to having a firearm available for self defense.


I remember the days of those ads well. Many were disposing of surplus WWII arms, from a number of countries.


You can even still get a single action revolver in that caliber.


In this case, I’d take the carbine.


The only Mass shooting I recall from those days was the U Texas tower incident. That wacko got put down by a cop with a shotgun.


Yeah lol those revolvers are probably fun and loud but unwieldy. And that’s a pricey plinking round, by comparison.


And yes, they made those Plainfields out of surplus USGI parts, up until the mid-70s. You could have one delivered to your door! (No porch pirates back then either)


Just because you are outnumbered and out-gunned by your enemy does not necessary mean you are doomed.

Once upon a time there was a rag-tag army made up of armed citizens with no formal military training who took on and defeated (not once but twice) the most powerful military empire in the world of the day. Perhaps you’ve heard of these little kerfuffles; they were The American Revolutionary War and The War of 1812.

First of all, a bunch of “middle-aged dudes with AR-15s” would not, in their right minds go up against a tank; it would be suicide. Any military strategist will tell you that you don’t go up against the enemy’s best weapons. Rather you seek out the enemy’s weak spots and try to exploit them.

You can’t stop a tank with a rifle but you can kill the people who operate them. You can kill the people who service them. You can blow up fuel supplies. You can blow up ammunition dumps. There is more than one way to make them inoperable.

In a strategic war that’s how you do things. Remember Nazi Germany? At the end of WWII they had lots of tanks and lots of airplanes but no fuel to make them go so they were essentially worthless.


In the 60s and 70s, these were all easily available, via dealer. Lethal. Yet nearly no mass shootings.

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