Gun ownership in this day and age


That is indeed the sort ad I recall. And even further back, from the 50s.


Yep. Firearms were far easier to obtain in those days.


No I am not saying that. I am simply pointing out Catholic teaching on self defense. If one is being attacked with a deadly threat, one can respond with a means proportional to that.

I find it quite telling that the majority of my posts on this thread are being misrepresented over and over again. I happen to be a life long gun owner, I favor legal ownership of most fire-arms. I happen to think we need stricter gun control laws. That is enough to be demonized on a Catholic forum.


First of all, that’s unconstitutional. Secondly, it’s completely impossible to do. You would never find all the guns in this country.

Catholics are allowed to defend themselves. We are not pacifists.


What is your definition of “stricter” gun control laws?


That’s because most of them are raised in single parents and single parent households are way up today and single parent households are way up because people reject Catholic Church teaching of not having children out of wedlock.

As an example, 26 of 27 of Deadliest Mass Shooters in U.S. History were raised without their biological father.


Here is a rough list of what I would propose:

  1. Gun owners require a license, which would require training and yearly background checks,
  2. All gun sales, even private sales, would require the purchaser to provide his license
    note: alternative to 1 & 2 might be mandatory background check for all purchases, even private purchases
  3. Handguns would require special license
  4. Prohibit semi-automatic weapons besides handguns and perhaps shotguns such as a Remington 1100 which as a 3 round capcity limit, allow for special collectors license for antique weapons
  5. Limits on magazine sizes
  6. Not for sure about this, but I think I would prefer no concealed carry license, and they be replaced with an open-carry license.

None of these would keep anyone who feels the need to be armed for self-defense from doing so. None of them would keep me from owning any gun I currently own.


No thanks! Sounds like Canada to me. :canada:


Don’t like guns or knives (love to see your kitchen), then don’t buy one! By supporting ineffective and oppressive legislation (which applies only to those who voluntarily comply) you are only assisting pagan Caesar in oppressing the people. Consider: we are a nation whose thought are controlled and programmed by media. both social and commercial. Once you relinquish a freedom which was purchased with blood, it will only be recaptured at an even higher cost in blood.

Question: Did the British Crown reassert authority over American in 1812?

If not, why not? There was precious little structured US government. Oh, but that was that militia.


Apply the same to the First Amendment. You cannot cherry pick freedoms to shred. Where to start, and where to stop?

Has anyone ever considered the safe storage of criminals? In my 31 years on the job, I saw incarceration save lives.

Source? And if we are going to use potentially misleading numbers, is that raw numbers or percentage or what?


Quote me saying we should shred freedoms. I merely responded to assertion about murder rates

look at bottom chart: murder rate 10.2 around 1980 and about 5 today.


I totally agree–its not toxic masculinity, it’s boys raised without a father.
Imagine how much worse it will be for boys raised by chance not just one, but two females.


Not fully informed about Canadian laws, but what do you take exception to?


The irony that these mass shooters were largely raised by single women? Its not ironic when you think about it. Most of them were bullied. When they go home and tell Mom they were bullied, she doesn’t hear him because she’s juggling so many things. If he had a father, then his father would go down to school and rip the bully a new one. Bullies pick their targets very carefully, since you don’t want blowback, so you pick someone who you know has no support system.


You can start here for a rough idea.

Don’t Like

Don’t Like

Don’t Like

Don’t Like

Really, I don’t see any need for more Restrictions, Licenses, Paperwork, or Red Tape.


Increased gun control is a bandaid on the real problems: A society that has turned away from God. Broken families and lack of good parenting, particularly lack of fathers. Violent video games that encourage children to see other human beings as targets. Drugs including the cavalier administration of psychotropic “medications” to children. And directly correlating to the lack of faith–the ever increasing influence of the prince of this world, the devil.


I’m fairly certain that the psychotropic drugs are a common thread in many mass shootings. These medications are given out way too easily without a real understanding of how they affect developing minds. Scary stuff.


This is ludicrous. Are you saying Canada for example don’t have broken families? Are they more religious? Don’t play the same video games? Australia had a hige problem with broken families. No mass shootings since 1998.

Countries such as Switzerland are less religious than the US by far. And they have guns. But no mass shootings.

Let’s be real. The nation is not going to suddently become more catholic. People who have had no good example are not going to suddenly know how to parent better.

I hate the constitution argument. Change it then. It’s not the Bible. It has been altered in the past. There is no tyrannical government wanting ti overthrow you. And if there was…they would win.
No matter what weapons you personally owned.


Do you believe that disarming law abiding citizens deters violent crime?
Do you believe that society is God fearing, or that the devil isn’t actively involved in secular society?


Neither do I, it’s not a question of what you or I need it’s a question if what is best for society. I don’t like dealing with the driver’s license or motor vehicle departments, but I understand the need from a societal standpoint.

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