Gun ownership in this day and age


Fortunately you’re not in charge.


Ludicrous to think that the faith of a person will play a part in their behavior?


I agreed your murder rate is lower but it was increasing and the website showed the increase

The problem is that we took God out of the schools

The tool also helps the innocent, would you deprive the innocent of his right to have equal force?

to be clear, you would ban guns from those who need them. a woman who is being threatened by her ex would not be allowed a gun to defend herself.

6 times (if you have a wheel gun), this is a joke, before you all go off


Look at article I cited above

26 of 27 deadliest mass shooters = raised without biological father

There is no way that’s a coincidence.

When boy raised by single mom, he gets bullied then goes home and tells his mom but she is juggling so much doesn’t acknowledge him. If he had Dad, bully would be dealt with. So kids raised in broken homes is fueling the mass shooting instances


And even if a boy isn’t bullied, he’s not being modeled manhood.
Children need a mother and a father in their lives. Not a single parent, not same sex “parents.”


Not only not being modeled manhood but he turns on TV and sees misandry modeling that manhood is evil


It’s been twice for me since I was 23 (I am now 62). Once at my rural home in Vermont where a n’er do well showed up at 3 in the morning and once he saw my pistol he left. The other time was in a bad section of Miami, Fla where I was making a delivery in the early morning. I had my .38 in the coffee holder and another lowlife tried to climb up on the side of my cab. What he wanted I do not know, but luckily I was going too fast and he couldn’t quite get a grip on the mirror and fell off into the street. Had he got up on the truck, I was ready with the .38 and I was going to give him one chance to leave me alone. My wife was with me and I wasn’t going to play around.


We have about 10 states here in America where no licenses are required - to buy, to own, or to be carried on your person. The 2nd Amendment is the only license required.


What sort of legal advocacy group is that? Pardon me for being skeptical of their numbers.

What does gun ownership by normal Americans have to do with murder, rape, assault, robbery, MS13 - anything? 100 million gun owners and 270 million guns. If they were a problem, you would know it.

Gun control assumes that it is far more expedient to punish the innocent than the guilty. It seeks to establish absolute, unbridled governmental power over the individual. Need we read Huxley or Orwell once again?

I must pose rhetorical questions: Is freedom too dangerous? Too repugnant? Is there something off-putting about others’ lifestlyes? Or, are many today indeed suffering from what Marine Colonel John Dean “Jeff” Cooper termed “hoplophobia” i.e. irrational fear of weapons?

I don’t mind unarmed people - that’s their choice. It’s just that they are at the mercy of criminals and cannot save their own, or your or my life.


By all means cite an alternative source

Not sure, you posted about murder rates. I responded to that post.


And that’s what a man does, folks. Protects himself and his family. Passively allowing someone else to commit a violent felony, maybe maiming, raping or killing, isn’t turning the other cheek. It’s cowardice.


Or a brief history of totalitarian states–all of whom have disarmed civilians.


I think we ain’t seen the bottom, yet.


Not at all. But to suggest this is the problem when there are little to NO mass shootings in most other first world countries - well quite frankly it doesn’t ring true. If this were the problem wouldn’t it be happening in other countries where faith wasn’t strong?

But you originally compared the UK and US to highligh the argument of keeping guns being more advantageous. Yes there is a (small) increase of knife crime in the UK but still statistically nowhere near the US. You originally stated per head of population there is more knife crime however, your own link highlights this inaccuracy. My link also shows you this is simply not true at all.

UK murder is on the increase. US is also on the increase. Very different from your original statement.

I’d still rather face a knife over a gun.

Here I agree. Of course it is more beneficial to have a two parent family. But unfortunately that is not going to easily be rectified So what else can we do? Perhaps take away the very tool these bullied fatherless children use to kill others?


Statistics are meaningless. Columns of numbers serve mainly to cloud and obfuscate. We hear of all sorts of ways to disarm the good citizen, “common sense” this and that, guns bad - medical marijuana good and all sorts of pop culture hogwash.

“Gun control” does not work, cannot work and is nothing more than wishful thinking. Some tragedies cannot be averted. The dedicated murderer will kill. Slowing him down still allows him to kill. Is that what the gun controllers want?

The catch-phrase is that “we just want to make it more difficult for him to kill.” Think: He will still kill and honest citizens have had their civil rights trampled along the way.

A curious point: 11,000 firearm “homicides” in the last year available. A certain number of those were self-defense. Do we want to remove self-defense from the total, lumping those defenders in with the victims?

Rather, let us look at what we should really be focusing on: Deaths are deaths. Your car/truck/SUV kills 102 souls daily in the US. 37,000 per year - almost four times the number of homicides. And a far greater percentage of those killed by your car are innocent children.

How can this be? We have licensing and registration of vehicles and drivers. Wanna save lives? Ban private transportation.

There is a sinister power at work within the agenda of rendering the common citizen helpless. Said citizen is then dependent for life and protection upon a non-caring government - a government which has, get this: NO LEGAL RESPONSIBILITY to protect their lives.


Why notl? To be clear, I did not say that in my proposals. If you imply that I think hand guns should take another level of license than a hunting shotgun. That does not say that.


I would too. If he’s over 21 feet away. And my reaction time is not what it once was. Make that 25 feet.


And so am I, never had the least desire to be a politician.
And this is as good a place as any to bid this thread adieu.


nope, i said violent crime was higher. this includes crimes besides knife crimes and it is true by the site stating it had 1.4M violent crimes.


1.5 seconds, eh?. That’s how long it takes the average motivated perp to cover 21 feet. That’s how quick we’re supposed to be able to pull and fire. Takes lots of practice. I can maybe hip fire that fast.

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