Gun ownership in this day and age


One reason I stay at home a lot.

Also, there’s all these books that need reading.


This thread has been an interesting read. It brought a few questions into my head that some may be able to answer?

First, I am a law abiding 66yo female gun owner. I have no problem if I would be required to register my guns or have to deal with a delay in purchasing one within reason. I haven’t bought a gun in years and none of mine are currently registered.

My thoughts…any new laws going forward will do nothing to remove guns from criminals. Guns last along time.

Does having more armed civilians reduce gun violence? Or would it put even more civilians in danger if many of those civilians aren’t properly trained? Should armed citizens be required to have training in crowd control or using a weapon in a public context? Link to any studies on this?

With all our new technology, is there anything that can be added to guns going forward that could limit the damage of mass shooters? I’ve no idea…just a thought…a chip that makes a 5 second delay after say 3rounds were shot?

Finally, what actually works? Do we know anything that statistically lowers the use of guns on innocent people that could actually work? If single parent people are much more likely to commit a mass shooting, should we require a stricter requirement on single parented people?

It seems we need to be doing something but I agree, just making more regulations that only honest citizens would follow anyway seems useless. What might work?


Wow, a Walther for 99 bucks and a Mauser for 25. Now that’s what I call a good deal.


Lol all you need now is a time machine.


Seriously I’m just about to swear off semis. I’m better with the cotton pickin’ cowboy single actions, iron sights and all. Makes no sense!


66 year old lady? You’re just a kid.
You need a Taylor’s Runnin’ Iron!


Thanks for the suggestions. I might just build myself a “bump” or “slam” gun.
I do value my wife’s opinion, and maybe for the safety of my family “no news is good news”.


Sorry folks, if someone wants somebody dead they will find a way.
Guns, knives, hammer to the head, car, poison they all can kill and will be used if the other isn’t available.
An inanimate object cannot kill, only when in the control of a person looking to do so, will that come about.


They’re great if you want to burn ammo and make noise. Not so much if you want a serious defense weapon, too much ammo spent off-target.


Oh, that’s not disparaging at all…

Are you saying that people in the US aren’t civilized?


No, just those of us with a southern accent.


Not exactly. The weapons you are thinking of are under lock and key. In the citizens’ homes. The ammo is under lock and key. In the armories. Used to be otherwise. And there are exceptions.

Using my charming Southern drawl, there.


Might, but the vast majority of the time they don’t, and you can’t infringe on people’s rights merely because someone might abuse them.

Again, you can’t infringe on people’s rights merely because someone might abuse them.

Crime rates in the so-called “Wild West” were actually pretty low. And no one worships firearms, you’re not doing your position any favors by dredging up fabricated slanders.

Bigoted mockery of other people’s accents doesn’t help either.

And yet crime rates are very low. That’s a clue that crime is not caused by people owning weapons.

All males from the ages of 18 to 45 are in the US as well.

Not exactly.

What you don’t know about gun ownership in Switzerland could easily fill a chapter of a book.


Ha, I see whatcha did there. Though there are now six, seven, and even eight round DA revolvers (“assault” revolvers). Most snubbies are still five, though.


A HUGE amen to that!!!


This gets a flag.


I wonder… since when is satire “flaggable”?


When it’s not satire, but mockingly demeaning a large group of people.


Satire is ALWAYS mockery.

By the way, I live in the Deep South, and none of my friends are not obsessed with guns. And I have a LOT of friends. Some are even what usually called “rednecks”, driving beat-up pick-up trucks, but all of them are nice, civilized, educated people. They would never follow the incendiary rhetoric of Trump, they would never call people (who seek better life in the states) “invaders”, they would never call the white supremacists “very fine people”.

It is not the geographic location or the ancestry of people which would make them despicable… it is their attitude, it is their hatred toward others, whose skin pigmentation might be tad darker. When I had to take a stress test, and the lady at the computer filled in my statistics, she asked me the question: “Race?” and my answer was: “human”.


I like to put in “Midlothian Scot”.

You can get in trouble doing that on census forms, though.

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