Gun ownership in this day and age


Why are the Catholic authorities not consecrating all Catholics, but instead consecrating Russians?


But according to recent polls, you have only 5% of Russians approving of SS marriage. If you present the same objections against that statistic for Russians as you have for Roman Catholics it would be much lower than 5% for those Russians who attend the Russian Orthodox Church regularly?
I don’t see any way out of admitting that the percentage of Roman Catholics approving SS marriage is greater, much greater actually, than the number of Russians who approve of SS marriage.


Yes you are in fact committing a sin by not going through the process of licensing. We’re called to abide by the laws of civil authorities in the place where we live. I’m personally a defender of gun rights and see them as an important thing. However I don’t think I can in good conscience say that it’s not sinful to illegally possess a firearm based on what the Church has to say about obeying the law of secular authorities.

Owning the gun itself isn’t sinful. Owning it without any form of licensing or whatever is required documentation would be sinful.

Respect your wife’s decision, and don’t illegally possess a firearm. As much as I hate to say that as a gun rights advocate that’s the only thing I can say


Breaking the law is generally considered a sin. I am aware of historical cases where a gun law was perhaps unjust and thus noncompliance with the law might fall in a gray area.

However, in this case I’m less concerned with the gun law and more concerned with the fact that you’re not respecting your wife’s feelings about not wanting a gun in the house and not wanting you to have one.

If you wanted a wife who was okay with you having guns, you should have discussed this prior to marriage. There are people in the world who just don’t want guns in their home, and also if you have children there are valid concerns with having guns in your home. Also, I don’t know your personality and your wife does; maybe she sees some risks to you having a gun because she knows you.

So yes, it would be sinful to not only break the law but steamroll over your wife by buying a gun in your case.


Far better than how it’ll go when someone breaks in and the couple are defenseless.


Look up the Fatima apparition. Our Lady requested the consecration of Russia.

We now return to the actual topic of this thread. :wink:


I’m more in shock at your wife telling you you aren’t allowed to purchase something. My fiancée would never dream of telling me I couldn’t make a purchase I deemed necessary.

Follow your local laws though because your family needs you to not be in prison.


I’d like to think I have a say on weapons coming into my home.


Guess it depends on the type of man you marry, I don’t know a man that doesn’t own a gun, so I wouldn’t expect any of their wives or girlfriends to balk at them buying another.


You do realize the police have no legal requirement to protect you, right?


From the OP I don’t think that he already has a gun.


I do not begrude any law abiding citizen though from owning 1 or more guns if they choose to as long as they are properly trained to you them.


We can disagree and agree on basic gun rights. I’m a gun owner and I conceal carry most of the time. I live in a state that doesn’t even require a CC licence. I support that. I also hunt. So I get it. But on a basic level a woman does not feel comfortable with her husband bringing a gun into the home and I think she has a right to not be around a lethal weapon in her domestic life If that is what she chooses.

That being said this can all be solved with one easy move by the OP.

Take all the kitchen knives you have. Lock them up safe and then completely ruin them by taking them outside and throwing them at the nearest tree for 20 hours a week over the next month. You will get your firearm and your wife will get a new set of cutlery.


I have never owned a gun and have never known anyone who owns a gun .


Expert knife throwers are more deadly in my opinion :rofl:


I believe the correct response is “You’re right, Dear.”

It’s true. She is smarter than you think.


Yes you have Rob. You just may not know it.


That isn’t an “easy move”. That would be mentally unstable and immensely disrespectful.

Kitchen knives serve a valuable purpose. Assuming it’s the wife that uses them the most (which is an assumption), she prepares food for the family with them.

Handguns do not serve a valuable purpose. They feed off of a person’s vanity and fear and society as a whole becomes less safe from their presence. Countries without handguns are safer, in some cases, the difference is pretty overwhelming.


You forgot to say “in my opinion”


Everything I say is my opinion, unless I’m a shapeshifter or I’ve hacked TK421’s account.

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