Gun ownership in this day and age


I love living in a free country


Good plan! Don’t let 'em sell your wife an ultralight snubnose revolver, neither. Those get returned, quick. Took me a while to get the hang, and mine’s stainless steel, 20 oz.


I want to be on your team!
Suppressors are illegal in CA. Probably some of those carbines, too. Here’s mine. :blush:


Tough to back up that claim.
England/Wales homicide rate is around 1/5 the of the USA’s.


Protect oneself from crime? I don’t think so


There’s more to safety than a lower homicide rate.



Find a violent crime statistic that is worse in England.

Also consider we are talking about guns on a moral theology forum. The Church’s teaching on self defense is that proportional means, relative to the threat, must be used in self-defense. Since guns are intended to kill, looking at homicide rates seems rather appropriate.


Once you go cowboy, you’ll never go back. :sunglasses:


Here is the problem. When I grew up, every farmer and rancher around had guns. They would have thought assault type weapons we’re completely absurd, heck my dad and uncle’s made fun of handguns. When I was a young adult, going to a shooting range, all you saw were deer rifles, and other traditional hunting weapons. Now it’s all ar-15s and military style weapons. Our gun culture has changed, drastically, in the last 30 years, not for the better.


I’ve never really gotten into the ARs. Shot one once, smooth as butter. But I’m old school, I guess. I like the hammer back on the Colt clone, and levering rounds through the Henry. I only have one semi, a Glock 23.


I’ll disagree there. Firearms of better quality, better ergonomics, and lower cost are widely available.


(1) violent crime rate far higher in UK (rape, stabbings, robbery, etc)
(2) gun crime statistics in UK are a sham (when 4 people are shot, they count it as 1 incident, etc)


Also, I have a hard time believing that their homicide rates are not actual dead bodies.


Having said that to protect my family when things go south (anytime now in my estimation) having a gun of some description is on my mind.

She doesn’t want guns in the house or me having one.

gee I wonder why


As a life long gun owner and political conservative, I find the arguments against increased gun control laws in the US exceedingly lacking.


So why has the homicide rate declined significantly in the last 30 years? Many of the most heavily armed places in the United States are the safest.


What’s the good argument for increasing it? I’ve never seen one.


CCW holders and and FFL dealers are some of the most polite people I know.


As Tupperware as the Glock is, it’s definitely ergonomic and highly reliable. And comes in several perp-stopper calibers. Mine’s a “snappy” .40.


Every mass shooting takes place in a gun free zone for a reason. People can’t shoot back. Its just 101 common sense. If you’re a shooter, you won’t go somewhere that someone can defend themselves.

Take the Colorado Movie Theater shooter. He had plenty of movie theaters close to his house but drove to one far away. Why? It was the only one in his area that banned guns.

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