Gun ownership in this day and age


Because nothing deters a criminal quite like the thought that the prospective victim is armed and can defend themselves.


Can’t remember the last time I heard of a whacko perp shooting up a gun range…or a cop bar. :rofl:


Yeah, that would be anticlimactic and pointless…


No need to dial 911…just the coroner.


Russia has loads of other serious social issues including a horrendous abortion rate.


I live alone. I train regularly and I’m pretty sure my guns make any home invader less safe, not me. :sunglasses:


Your financee would never dream of questioning your authority eh? Check back in 5 years and see if you can still purchase anything you want without her blinking.


Outside the leftist US cities, many families have guns in the home. And there are many examples of successful defense against home invasion because of this.


multiple weapons are available in the home to do lethal damage.

What stats do you use to back this up? Years ago, I trained girls in a voyager crew to properly handle weapons from handguns to “assault weapons.” Many of them now own their own. I know that several went on to get their conceal carry permit and carry daily. How are these woman less safe?

Sears used to sell guns in their catalog through the mail, what do you mean revisionist history? Guns were common in the city I lived in.

CSEW shows no change in the level of violence in recent years

There were an estimated 1.4 million incidents of violence experienced by adults aged 16 years and over in the latest CSEW survey for the year ending September 2018.

The FBI list violent crime numbers as 1,283,220 for 2017.

These numbers may seem the same but due to the different size of population England has a worse violent crime rate. Some say England counts violent crime different. They may, but not different enough to offset the large number.

you do, but the number is going up

The police recorded 739 homicides in the latest year to September 2018, an 8% rise compared with the previous year…
An upward trend seen over the last four years contrasts with the previous downward trend since the introduction of the National Crime Recording Standard (NCRS) in 2002…

happens all the time


You post completely out if context. I was replying to a poster who claimed this was one of the reasons behind the 2nd amendment.

And no, I don’t think it really happens all the time. In my, almost, 60 years on this planet, I have never needed a gun for self-defense, and I personally know of no one who has.


You need to ask why? These guns are adaptable. They can be customized to overcome what a person is weak in. They can be made so every age, gender, and disability can use one. Why do you want to allow only certain people the right of self-defense?

differences in how the statistics are collected make it impossible to produce a truly valid comparison.

fake news, as I said above the numbers are almost equal. they would have to count everything including the kitchen sink.

I know cops who never used their issued gun in 20 years, that isn’t a reason to disarm all cops. Most people won’t have a need, it still isn’t a reason to take away the tool from those who have the need for the tool.


I know disobeying authority can be a sin
But imo buying a gun is always reasonable
And is overly demonized by people who are very uneducated

Owning weapons is a human right
You can argue whatever
But the world is dangerous and can never fully control evil
Good people deserve adequate defense


And I am not in favor of that.


The left 's brilliant plan to end gun vio!ence by criminals is…to disarm law abiding citizens. Exact!y what all totalitarian regimes do.


Noooooo!!! We are not seriously going to have England preach to us that we shouldn’t have an armed citizenry!? I’m sure they would prefer to tax our tea and paperwork too!


Can you give me your source please?

And the murder number is minuscule compared to the US!


Let’s not pretend that it is safer to live in the US per capita. Guns AND knife crime are way worse in the US. I don’t see those guns protecting anyone from the knife crimes do you?

Besides - I’ll take my chances with a knife over a gun.


They hate cops
But want cops to confiscate guns that fit some weird criteria.
At least it’s not the EU where you can’t post a meme or use knife to butter your toast :joy::joy::joy:


Indeed. I 'm glad I got to Europe, especially the UK, before it turned into Oceania. Ugh.They have nothing more to teach us.


I would assume you have a never been the victim of murder.
Would you have us believe that this would be sufficient logic to conclude murder does not happen?

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