Gun ownership in this day and age


I didn’t until I read your arguments that people are out armed by military. It was insightful post


The handful of Puckles made weren’t common arms to the founders (very obviously). Muzzle loaders were.

A single man could hardly take over a bridge or other spot important to commerce with such a device.


Laws should be passed that criminals are only allowed to carry black powder guns.


And this’ll work for me. Taylors custom tuned .45 Colt (only rookies call it Long Colt). $600 and change at Bud’s! Load it with Hornaday or Buffalo Bore heavies its a great carry choice.


While I still think the final all-metal wonder nines of the late 90s are some of the finest handguns ever made, a wheel gun will do everything you’d ever need a pistol to do - with inherently less kick oweing to the greater mass of the weapon.

And they’re a good bit more difficult to accidentally discharge than an average semi.


Nice pick. I’m looking at an M&P 2.0 Compact in 9 mm, but this thread has me about to order three or four AR 80% lowers as well. A buddy of mine runs stations at the local range, and I wouldn’t mind showing up with a PCC. Great home defense weapon, and Vonsalza wisely points out that one of the prices of not living in a police state is knowing that even violent madmen are free until they display their violent madness.


Wrong again.


I wouldn 't want anything under 20 oz. The Colt clones weigh 35oz or so, depending on barrel length. I have a .357 that’s a bit long at 4.75" , and an Uberti .45 birdshead that’s just right at 3-1/2". Only carry those safely with 5 rounds. But if you need more than 5 you’re in a battle, not a self defense situation.


My Henry lever action steel carbine loads 7+1. 16-1/2" barrel for home maneuverabilty. No scope, just offhand. Great sights. Plenty accurate. It’ll load hotter stuff. A .357 at 1400 fps will stop any bad guy right quick.
Here’s a review. Didn’t realize the 158s had that much muzzle energy! Black bear ready, but felt recoil is like a .22. That’s how well made Henrys are.


The Shield is a bit light for me, but I’m just funny that way. I’ve carried a full sized 1911, lol!


You need to read the wiki before you try and post it as a defense.

So much for internet scholars…

Everyone knows the American workhorse during the revolution was the brown Bess.

Muzzle loader.

Better luck next time.


Ever since coming to my position on guns in general, I’ve come to love lever guns. For closer shooting they’re my go to. Further out is bolt territory.


Right. Think average shots fired in a self defense situation falls between two and three.

I also like using snake shot in my 357 on occasion. Versatile pistol.


It is a flat out great round. Not so fun from my snubbie but from the Taylor’s Runnin’ Iron or the Henry, smooth as butter.


And everyone also knows that good generals will be familiar with the enemy’s weapons. The Ferguson was in use by the British during the American revolution.

So, again, you are wrong about the tech the founding fathers were familiar with.



Almost got this paid off with Buds. Grizzly defender, with .45 +Ps. Not sure about CCW though. Its a tank! But being a Ruger, you can carry six.


Best not to break into this lady’s house:


you are not in favor of what, someone defending them self with the proper amount of force?

if your daughter needed a gun to stop a crazed attacker, you would not be in favor of that? unfortunately that is a real life scenario.

that is where you are wrong, per capita. We have issues, but it is in small pockets of this great nation. There are areas here that beat UK numbers hands down.

If I may ask, are you an american?


So also then, the 1st amendment is outdated as we have the social and commercial media to program us how to think and speak. Does that sound good?

As to tanks, they run out of fuel. I also note that there is plenty of fertilizer to immobilize many tanks. Also, the military can revolt against a tyrannical government. Happens in the 3rd world on a regular basis. And, we are very close to third world in some aspects.


Not really. It’s easy to point. It’s another thing to pull the trigger.

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