Gun sales skyrocket during recession

Well there is one bright spot in the economy

Gun sales are up 66 percent since the beginning of the Great Recession, providing an unexpected shot in the arm for the economy, according to a new study.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation claims that firearm sales hit $31 billion in 2011, up from $19 billion in 2008.

The increase in sales accounted for a 30 percent increase in jobs to 98,750 last year.

It also led to $2.5 billion in federal taxes in 2011, an 66 percent increase.

$2.5 Billion - isn’t that more money than Buffet Rule #1 is supposed to raise?

President Obama is the best gun salesman in the US.
Since taking office gun sales have jumped.

In response to the increase in gun ownership, the Department of Homeland Security entered into an open contract with a major ammunition manufacturer with an initial order of 480 million rounds of .40 calibre hollow point handgun rounds. If you think the government is not seriously considering the fact that they will be at war with its own people in the near future, you had better wise up and start doing some research. Don’t swallow what the MSM feeds you every day.

I buy guns like some people buy ciggarettes. :smiley:

“Smoking gun?” :smiley:


All of the figures in the Washington Times article come from an organization called the National Shooting Sports Foundation. Maybe I am a bit cynical, but that organization doesn’t sound like an objective source regarding this topic. :o

I would be more comfortable seeing some independent reporting before I take those figures too seriously.

Do you suppose we could prepare with bullet proof vests? Wouldn’t we be at least slightly safe with a vest if they use hollow points, as opposed to FMJ’s? But then again, we would only lose that battle quickly anyway. What’s the use. And those in the government would lose their souls. Would spiritual preparation for our souls be better?

yeah; got to make sure that the criminals and wanna be criminals have access to guns.

I think your tiffoil hat is on too tight.

Do your research. Gun sales are significanly higher then before Obama was in office.
The reason is Obama would love nothing more than to disarm the American public.
Proof is his two Supreme Court appointments, Kagen and Sotomayer are rabid anti gun freaks.

So you think all gun owners are criminals?

You think the government is worried about its or our souls?

I should have emphasized OUR souls. Should WE prepare OUR souls. My apologies for the lack of clarity.

Anti-gun, but that refers to legal guns for law abiding citizens. Are they against guns for criminals?

They want no guns in our country.
They both lied and called the second amendment “settled law” in thier confirmation hearings.
Then turned around and backed anti gun legislations.
Repeal the 2A and many lawful gun owners will abide and forfiet thier guns.
Not one criminal will.

Gun sales are probably up because most people fear that the current administration is going to abolish the right to bear arms.

Why stop at the First Amendment? LOL…

This is all getting too much, really. This government is out of control!

And the government doesnt think they control enough.

Mine is Mylar…:smiley: Do some research instead of just being a doubting Thomas. It kind of falls in place with the presidents executive order that states Homeland Security can detain American citizens without charge indefinitely. Like I said…Do some research on the executive orders that president Obama has signed under the radar. You will be amazed at what his left hand has been doing while everyone has been watching his right one.

Gun sales are up because there is a perception that “Obama would love nothing more than to disarm the American public” As I recall, the surge in sales began before President Obama even took office.

Wouldnt be amazed at all.
But war on its own people would be bloodshed of the highest order.
As a populace, we are a well armed group. Maybe not well trained.
Given a decent hide, I could hold off quite a offensive.
Short of heavy artillery or air strikes, many of us are well prepared to do whatever battle we need.
I have mil spec equipment, MREs, training and enough ammo to put up a heck of a fight for a long time.
And I own it because I dont put it past Big Brother to come after us at some point in time.
I find it highly unlikly, and even more unlikely that they will be coming after us with .40 cal pistols.
The G also buys millions of rounds of 5.56 Nato every year. No one is makeing a big deal of that.
480 million rounds, spread out over all the branchs that use it, plus training with it.
Is not that much ammo.

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