Gun sellers can't keep up with the demand for ammo

At least one part of the economy is doing well.

At least there is one business we do not need to bail out

And we have Obama and his anti-gun, anti-hunting cabinet to thank for all of this. This is mostly because of the threatened serial numbering of all ammo, with each round being registered to the buyer. Talk about socialism.

I stopped in a gun shop this morning, he had NO AMMO for any common caliber handgun. Nothing in 9mm, 40S&W, 45acp. Nothing in 380, 38 Special, 357 Mag, 41, 44 or even 45LC. No 22lr either. A gun store with no ammo:( He said his suppliers are all out of stock too.

Oh, and no common rifle calibers like 223, 7.62x39, .308, 30-30, or 30-'06.

He did have some shotgun ammo in 12 gauge. That seemed to be plentiful.

But it seems that EVERYTHING sold out within a couple days of Eric Holder making the claim that he wants another “assault weapon ban.”

He also said there are a lot of first time gun buyers coming in and buying. Lots of folks looking to buy their first gun before they are banned. And all of them apparently looking for guns that hold more than 10 rounds. Seems that even non-gun owners realize that the Obama Assault Weapons Ban will affect common handguns too.

I went to five places before finding someone that just got their order in. A man held the door for me, I thanked him and he said he did it because I had purchased so much ammo that he did not want me to be behind him LOL.

We are going to match the purchase of our next guns to the ammo we have on hand.:smiley:

The main problem with the anti-gunners is that they consider anything that fires faster than a muzzle loader is an assault weapon, such as semi-auto shotguns, .22s, and handguns. This is really stupid, and is just a sneaky way of banning ALL guns from private ownership. And the anti-hunters (peta, fund for animals, etc) are all in bed with them to achive their common purpose. Lets all be on our toes.

The supply of ammunition is going to go down even more pretty quickly…see the following link for what the DoD has done to ammo remanufacturers, and to the rest of us:

My option right now is to purchase lots using cash. The fact is that having to show ID is going to come soon. It is going to just be placed onto another bill and we won’t see it before it is fact. Also friends have told me to make sure we don’t keep it all in one place.

This certainly is a fairly predictable result of NRA fear-mongering. No matter that the president said repeatedly he wasn’t taking away anyone’s guns.

Trouble!! Right here in River City!!!

It’s great for membership campaigns, too.

obama will probably place a high tax on ammo like the heavy tax on cigarettes.

Beau, please show me how this thread has anything to do with anything the NRA has said and further please show me how this thread has anything to do with Obama’s statement that he won’t take away guns.

First off, the NRA has not issued ANY imminent warnings about ammo shortages that I’ve seen and I’m an NRA Life Members.

Secondly, the fact that Obama will not come into our homes to take what we already have does not mean that he will not work to eliminate our rights to buy new arms. You are using the same predictable tactics again. Misdirect people with issues that are not germane to the topic and then change the subject.

Please stop the deceit, it is obviously intentional and since you intentionally try to lead people astray one has to question your motives on all other posts you make.

No, he won’t take anybodys guns away, but if you can’t find ammunition for them, what good are they? Obamas just doing what he said he would do during the campaign, and what he tried to do when he was senator. Limit your second ammendment rights.

He doesn’t need to. All he needs to do is appoint judges and justices who will find the 2nd Amendment doesn’t apply to private ownership of guns and then let nature take its course. :rolleyes:

One bit of good news concerning this…I learned last night that B.O.s DoD has reversed it’s decision in regard to selling once shot brass to ammo remanufacturers…they will now continue to sell this brass as a reloadable item rather than just for scrap…

Obama also said he would end pork earmarks and do line by line reading of bills before their passage; I wonder how thats working out so far?

Yup. Good point.And scary.:frowning:

remember his speech that said “words, just words”? that is the total substance of his speeches - words, just words. empty promises. :mad:

You words are screaming out for a ‘for instance’. Invective is easy.

for instance, he is “outraged” at the bonuses going to AIG execs.

we will wait and see what he has planned for gun owners.

I think he kinda acted on his outrage.

He basically said he had nothing planned about them. He repeatedly stated he was not going to take anyone’s guns. So that is what he has planned, if you want to be technical, which I am.

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