Gun violence in PG-13 movies continues to climb past R-rated films


From BBC News.



I’m guessing that the R rating is reserved for movies with explicit sexual content or extreme violence/brutality.


The Normalisation of Guns & Gun violence has much to answer


The John Wayne movies Chisum (1970) and The Green Berets (1968) were both rated G even though they both had a lot of gun violence in them.


But…but isn’t gun violence a liberal myth? :smiley:


Gun violence is extreme.


Also, R ratings are given to those movies that have more than one F-word. If there is only one, then it can be PG-13.


It’s a bit funny that my life would be rated R because I like to say the F-word and have sex with my wife on a regular basis. If I went around shooting people but didn’t curse or have sex, my life would be PG13.


I would agree that gun violence is extreme, but for some reason our culture is more used to it and isn’t as disturbing as, say, scenes of torture or dismemberment. Gun violence itself is extreme, but it’s depiction usually isn’t.


The US censors have a notoriously permissive attitude towards violence in films. This has always been the case even under the Breen Office before the Ratings system began.


It is, though views on what is considered brutal have evolved.

“The Martian” somehow got the word used twice that one can hear (it’s implied several other times).

  • Extreme crude language
  • Extreme gore
  • Nudity (breasts, genitalia)
  • Horror

Those four things will force an R-rating. Seeing someone get shot doesn’t constitute as extreme gore. Some PG-13 movies avoid showing people bleed out though.

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