Guns now allowed in Texas’ state-run psychiatric hospitals


Licensed gun owners can now bring their firearms into Texas’ 10 state psychiatric hospitals.

Until this year, guns were banned at the state-run facilities, which house people with serious mental illnesses. No one — visitors, delivery people and the like — could bring firearms anywhere on the hospitals’ campuses. Even local law enforcement officers, who were allowed to bring their weapons into the facilities, regularly lock up their guns before entering Austin State Hospital out of an abundance of caution. That isn’t expected to change.


Just to be clear, eliminating gun free zones doesn’t mean that everyone is allowed to carry. A school or hospital can still set their policy. Attendants in the hospital won’t be armed as they walk through the ward.


What could possibly go wrong?


As someone who works in a public building, having a sign that bans guns does not make me feel that safe.

The facts are in on places that ban guns, and they are not pretty.

And note that it is licensed gun owners here.


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