Guns soon could be checked in on Amtrak

**Guns soon could be checked in on Amtrak **…hecked-amtrak/

December 9, 2009
By S.A. Miller

Gun-toting Amtrak passengers are one giant step closer to being allowed to travel with firearms in their checked luggage, as lawmakers included a measure to lift a railroad gun ban in a catch-all spending bill for fiscal 2010.

The omnibus spending bill, which combines six annual appropriations bills for the fiscal year that began Oct. 1, is considered must-pass legislation, and that makes the new Amtrak gun rule as close to a sure bet as there is on Capitol Hill.

Travelers with firearms have long faced disparate treatment on trains and airplanes. Airline passengers can transport firearms in checked baggage, but Amtrak currently prohibits guns anywhere on its trains.

This is an important victory for sportsmen and gun owners across the country, and it affirms congressional support of the Second Amendment, said Sen. Roger Wicker, Mississippi Republican, whose earlier efforts to lift the Amtrak gun ban paved the way for the measure’s inclusion in the year-end spending bill.

Airline passengers in our country are allowed to transport firearms in secure, checked baggage when declared during the check-in process," Mr. Wicker said. "Law-abiding gun owners who choose to travel on Americans taxpayer-subsidized rail line should be given the same right…

I've only used Amtrak once, and it was for a ride along the Hudson from Albany to NYC from a business meeting. No gun was traveling with me. However I used to fly from Chicago to Atlanta on a pretty regular basis and often checked through a shotgun because there are some very nice TRAP SHOOTING ranges in the Atlanta area so when I would go down there on business I would mix in a little pleasure.

I never understood why I could fly with a gun but not ride a train???

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I never understood why I could fly with a gun but not ride a train???


Washington D.C. liberal politicians.:sad_yes:

this is just sad. Why do americans have such an obsession with guns? Why do you even need them? all they are for is murdering people, and should just be banned or at the very least heavly controled. America needs to follow canada's leed and control who and what kind of guns can be owened. I've said it before and I'll say it again-Canada is america done right.
Glad I don't have to worry about some gun nut pulling an uzi on me cause he is in a bad mood.

Alot of miss information here. First off. Canada is America lite. it’s really just a cheap knock off of an actual free country. The things canadians allow their government to get away with just floors me. I remember your gun registration fiasco. That was the absolute height of incompetence. It’s better to leave the citizens with the rights God entrusted to them.

Now the plus side of firearms on trains. Passengers wishing to take the train to a hunting location will now be able to do that. I think a train ride next season to Montana may be in order.



Did you read my post? I travel with guns. Never for murdering people. But rather for sport. Your statements are actually very insulting and are not accurate.

What amazes me is that these statements come from a Canadian and I know a few Canadians who have quite a few guns. Guns are not outlawed or uncommon in Canada. Some types are strictly regulated.

You better Canada has a big gang problem ask any police officer in any large city in Canada.

Ignorance must be bliss.

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