Guns welcome at these restaurants


Good to know what restaurants allow open carry. I definitely won’t patronize them. I wouldn’t feel comfortable eating in those establishments knowing that I’m possibly surrounded by people open carrying guns not knowing what training they’ve had on firearms, how good of a shot they are, etc.

I live in NY and we do not have open carry, so you will not walk into a store or establishment and have to see people packing heat. Makes for a more relaxing atmosphere IMHO.

Well, I guess that’s their right to do.

I question the wisdom of such a move but hey. . … . . c’est la vie!

I’d feel safer there than places where guns are not allowed.

Have you ever been in a situation where a gun was needed or would help a situation? I’ve only seen situations (in bars) where a gun would complicate things in a horrible way.

^^ this. Exactly. I definitely won’t patronize them either. I would feel extremely uncomfortable and couldn’t enjoy my meal.

I understand why you might feel that way, but reality bites.

Colorado had 308.9 violent crimes and 3.1 murders per 100,000 inhabitants.
New York had 406.8 violent crimes and 3.5 murders per 100,000 inhabitants.

The above figures are from the FBI for 2012.

Well, you have to be careful with the crime stats. Los Angeles PD, Chicago PD, and the NY City PD have all been caught ‘cooking the books’ to lower violent crime rates. Oddly, making folks next promotion contingent on numbers improving will result in improving the numbers–…

I would rather see someone open carry, because you can see who is carrying. With a ‘No Gun’ zone one can have a gun that is hidden and no body else knows that they have a gun, Also, most (if not all) schools shootings have been in gun free zones. :cool:

Every single school shooting incident I can think of, where the campus was a “gun-free zone” for everyone but the nut-job killing kids and teachers.


Bad guy sees “No guns here,” he sees “Target-rich environment.”

Alcohol and guns never mix.

Does your state allow concealed carry? If so, what do you think the odds are that no one at a particular establishment you are using doesn’t have a weapon?

Me and my wife went to a family eatery the other day and had a very enjoyable meal. Another gentleman left as we did. My wife looked over and saw the man had a gun on his hip.
Nice gun and holster. Never batted and eyelash. Didn’t bother us. Didn’t ruin our evening.

We didn’t know it when we were inside. It wasn’t like he was waving it around and threatening everybody.


In most states you must prove that you are trained to be issued a carry permit. Of course you also need a background check.

Open carry, I’m not sure…

If that were true, then police would not need guns either. If there is a bad guy with a gun, the best defense is a good guy or guys with a gun. No one is going to shoot you if they think there is a possibility you could shoot back.

Good point. You will then look for a restaurant that prohibits carry, which is their right of private property (sadly that right is violated by anti-smoking laws).
So, restaurants will then make their decision based on market forces. That’s the way it should be. It shouldn’t be made by tyrant-wannabes in mayoral seats or state legislatures who want to dictate that no one should be allowed to carry a gun.


It should be at the discretion of the establishment as to whether or not they allow guns and that is fair. However I will not patronize a business that explicitly states that they do not allow guns on their premises.

But here’s a thought: if a law-abiding gun owner is carrying concealed and enters a “no guns allowed” business, how is anyone going to know? :shrug:

Most people won’t and it could be no-one will notice.

Guns get the slow clap with me when alcohol is around. Its one of those highly debatable points though, the particular type of place you patronize is definitely a contingent…

Have to admit, the point made about a gun not being around when needed can’t be underestimated in my mind though.

Here’s a link to a shooting in July at a hospital near Philadelphia. The hospital had a no gun policy which of course the murderer ignored (as they tend to do). Fortunately his Dr. also ignored it and saved many lives according to the police chief.

The “criminals can’t buy guns” laws did not keep this one from getting one even with a long record because criminals ignore laws.

I am always intrigued by religious folks who benefit so greatly from our Constitution, then argue against rights of others enumerated in the same document ultimately undermining their own freedom. Ben Franklins wisdom shown to still be holding true: “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

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