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I recently became friends with a guy that i met through a neighbor of mine. Since my girl friends were not being great friends to me, i started hanging out with him and talking to him a lot. While we hung out, i noticed that he would always hold my hand or say things to hint that he liked me. But, he never admitted it to me, because i told him that i just wanted to be friends. So, he said ok yea. But, as time went on he made it more obvious he liked me. He actually called me late one night, and was drunk. He started pouring out all his feelings for me. I did not mention it to him, and I guess he didn’t remember either. We hung out more, and he asked me if i would come to his house with his brother and his brother’s girlfriend to just watch a movie. I said OK, however, i did not really want to go to his house, especially knowing he liked me. I was not worried about doing anything, because i know that i was not going to, but i just didn’t feel right. But, i ended up going. We all sat in his room, but his brother and his brother’s girlfriend left to be alone , and me and my friend were alone in his bedroom. I hope this was not a sin. I didn’t do anything , but just being in his bedroom i don’t know if that is a sin. Anyway, he ended up telling me his feelings for me and saying that he thought we would be good together. I told him that i just wanted to be friends and nothing more. The look on his face seemed like he got mad, and he started to be quiet. He drove me and his brother’s girlfriend back to our car, and that was the last time i saw him. He didn;t call or text me after that. I tried calling and texting him, but he ignored me. I feel so hurt, because when i knew he liked me, i was so worried i was going to hurt him because i didn;t want to be anything more but friends. But, in the end, i get hurt!!! I just hope that i didn;t sin in all this. let me know what you think. thank you, God Bless.

He’s probably really sad that he got turned down. It was wrong of him to totally ignore you, but sometimes it’s a way people help cope with the hurt.
If he really liked you, he wouldn’t just flat out stop talking to you.
Maybe give it a little more time, they say time heals all wounds…
If he doesn’t respond to you in a few weeks I would just say forget about him.

Yea, thanks!!! :slight_smile:

Well first off you didn’t sin so don’t worry about that.

The reason he stopped talking to you is because he can’t make any sense out of what happened. You both didn’t realize what the other meant by friend. A woman says friend and man basically loses gender and is forever banned from the list of potential mates. A man says friend and that woman is moved to the top of the list of potential mates. In other words you both were expecting completely opposite outcomes. So while you’re hurt because he’s “lied” to you about caring, he’s hurt that you “lied” to him about the same. In the end both of you had good intentions and meant no harm.

Thanks!, I am not sure what you are saying about the friend thing… but I always thought it was the opposite way; that a woman can be just friends with a guy and a guy will want something else. I felt that he thought I was lieing about just wanting to be friends, but I really did just want to be friends!! Anyway, thank you for giving me your opinion and advice, it helped . :slight_smile: especially knowing i didn’t do anything wrong in this situation

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