Guys, check out my illustration!



I did this illustration last semester before Christmas in my illustration class (it’s on scratchboard!):!+Photo+Album/Mary+and+Child.jpg?grgqkeCBTcjmDRua

What do you guys think?




It’s beautiful – you’re very talented. :thumbsup:


like surfers said:



That was awesome. You have a gift.

I admire those who have artistic ability. I still use crayon and sometimes sidewalk chalk.


nice!!! :yup:


I can’t see it!


Clicked the link but got the dreaded “The requested URL was not found on this server.”


Me too! Can’t see it - I got the dreaded “Page cannot be Displayed!”

What to do?


I so much wanted to see your artwork Paris. I can’t get it to come up.:crying:


Couldn’t see it. Is there another way to see it?


Ditto with me too. What’s happened?


I couldn’t see it either…:frowning:


The requested URL was not found on this server.


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